The Preamble to Faith - Tamhid-e-Iman in Print

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  1. distribution

    distribution New Member

    Tamhid distribution in South Africa & India

    The copies of Tamhid have finally arrived in South Africa and India.

    For South Africa, please contact brother chisti-raza.

    For India, please pm brother sunnistudent to obtain your copies.

    You can also place your orders directly with
  2. Little Shaam

    Little Shaam New Member

    Alhumdulilah, i received my copy yesterday.

    MashaAllah great piece of work by Ridawi press.

    Excellent finish on the book and cover.

    May Allah allow them to continue the good work for Sunni Islam.

    I am really impressed with contents, format, presentation and easy to comprehend.

    Truly amazing, real Sunnis do real things.
  3. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    yes, people anywhere in the north-west and yorkshire should get in touch with me.
  4. distribution

    distribution New Member

    The copies of Tamhid have arrived in UK. Please contact sherkhan (London) or Aqdas (Manchester) to obtain your copies.

    Those interested in ordering through post, please contact A number of brothers in UK have already placed mail-order.
  5. sherkhan

    sherkhan Veteran

    UK Distribution

  6. distribution

    distribution New Member

    Price of Printed Copies

    Please note that given the wide variance in shipping cost to different locations, we have not specified any fixed price for the book. For actual price, please get in touch with your nearest contact from where you might want to collect in person (or from where you might choose to mail-order).

    Those interested in obtaining a large number of copies (say, 20+), please send your order request to


    When the idea of printing the book was first mooted, the primary objective was high-quality print production (befitting the content quality) at the lowest possible price. At the same time, plans are also afoot to distribute a large number of copies for free to mosque/public libraries, ulemas, academia etc. For various reasons, this title will be distributed through above contacts instead of established retail/online channels (although we might make some copies available through few like-minded booksellers). These coupled with very high shipping cost (at least to non-UK destinations) make the venture feasibility extremely challenging.

    Please note that all sale proceeds will be used to fund the printing of the forthcoming title (in order that the printing venture becomes self-sustaining).


    All said, the copies are available at significantly lower price (50%-70%) than that of books of comparable print quality.

    Please note that the book has been printed in two colours (with the Qur'anic Arabic typeface and translation in colour).


    "Ridawi Press is not directly involved in the arrangement and distribution of these books. Volunteers have taken the initiative to do so, at their own expense. Ridawi Press mailbox is used temporarily until proper channels are established. Presently, Ridawi Press produces only eBooks."

    "This book is also made freely available by Ridawi Press and can be downloaded from: Permission is granted to anyone to print this book for free distribution or for sale. Ridawi Press acknowledges that it costs money to print and distribute books, and it may therefore be necessary for publishers to recover this cost by selling it at a reasonable price. Ridawi Press does not benefit financially from the sale of these books, nor solicits any royalties."

    "Permission is also granted to publishers to reprint in their own name if the following notice is included in the colophon:“Reprinted with royalty-free permission from Ridawi Press""
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  7. shafeeq90q

    shafeeq90q New Member

    What will be the price of the book.
  8. Taalib-e-Ilm

    Taalib-e-Ilm Well-Known Member

    How much will it cost?
  9. distribution

    distribution New Member

    Alhamdulillah, The Preamble to Faith - Tamhid e Iman is finally available in print.

    Interested readers can obtain the printed copies from the following contacts (in paranthesis next to the country/city):

    1. United Kingdom:
    (a) London (sherkhan)
    (b) Manchester (Aqdas)

    2. South Africa (chisti-raza)

    3. India (sunnistudent) (user: 39701, to avoid confusion with another user with similar alias)

    4. Pakistan (fikrealahazrat)

    More contacts will be added in due course. InshaAllah, printed copies will also be made available in other places (UAE, USA/Canada, Sri Lanka etc.) in near future.

    Please pm your nearest contact to obtain a copy. Alternatively, you can contact me at

    The books will be available in UK starting next week (6th Feb 2012), in India from 2nd week of Feb, in South Africa from 2nd/3rd week of Feb and in Pakistan as of immediate effect.


    Given that this was a maiden printing venture, there are likely to be few shortcomings in the final output quality. InshaAllah, future publications would aim to improve upon any shortcomings. So feel free to send all your feedbacks about the print version to Any feedback on the content etc. should be directed to


    This print venture owes a lot to the untiring effort of brother Riaz Shahid (of, who helped arrange and co-ordinate all the necessary printing logistics. Many thanks to all the brothers who have pitched in to help with distribution. Please refer to the colophon page of the book for more acknowledgements.

    Of course, none of this would have been possible without abu Hasan. May Allah (azza wajal) reward him immeasurably and give him taufeeq to continue his excellent work.


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