The Qadiri March

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    On the auspicious occasion of Giyarhwhin Shareef, a humble little translation for all fellow Qadiri brothers and sisters. This is a simple, sweet, concise, yet enormously power-packed description of what a true Qadiri is and what we should aspire to be. Read it, enjoy it, say the Fatihah for Imam Abdul Qadir Jilani radzi Allahu 3anhu, and please also remember me & all Muslims in your prayers.


    The Qadiri March

    The Qadiri warriors have come!
    Their echos flood the venue,
    Their abodes are Jannah -
    The heavens chanting “Hu”!

    Like a falcon we descend,
    Like a sword is our laceration,
    As winds sweep mountains,
    We work in every nation!

    We roar like lions;
    “Hu, Hu” emerge our chants;
    On being commanded,
    We twist iron like bands!

    Like lightning we strike,
    Mountain stones we fry!
    To stars we ascend;
    The entire world we eye!

    We’re champing at the bit,
    To our cause, fastened tightly;
    Thanking 'n praising always
    Our Creator, The Lord Almighty!

    We’re dead in Shaykh’s* hands;
    Yet also in lively standing!
    The world may be ruined,
    But we ain't lost nothing!

    A spiritual battalion, we are
    The Almighty’s slaves;
    Unto RasulAllah
    Our Halisiyye** craves!

    We've no servant on the path,
    Us the world can’t trouble;
    We live by dhikru(A)llah,
    Therefore, it’s my struggle!

    There’s no ostentation in us,
    Sincerity to The Lord is our desire;
    We do not forget our Sustainer,
    Whether we gasp or respire!

    His dhikr we never forget,
    A haram morsel we do not swallow;
    Even if our hands are bloodied,
    Of prayers***, we're not hollow!

    *My guess is it refers to Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani radi Allahu 3anhu.

    **Halisiyye is the Turkish name of the particular chain of the Qadiri path that the author, Abdullah Demircioglu belongs to. It is a proper noun and doesn't have a specific meaning in Turkish. The verse says that our chain reaches until RasulAllah. Might have something to do with the Arabic word 'khalis' (pure); perhaps the origin of the name is the Arabic word 'khalisiyyah', wouldn't be surprised.

    *** Namaz, as stated in the original Turkish. The idiom 'hands being in blood' in Turkish, refers to being in war. We do not skip prayers even in war.


    Translated from the Turkish on this page: . The author has not enabled copying and pasting the Turkish poem. It's an even better read in Turkish despite its conciseness.

    Any brother/sister is free to improvise on it (the English) please, as poetry really isn't my thing.

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