the refutation of ismayil dahalwi

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    Amir Uthmani was the nephew of Shabir Ahmed Uthmani and editor of monthly tajalli magazine. Allama Arshadul Qadri Rahimahullah sent him zalzalah for book review secion in tajalli. Then he(Hazrat Allamah Arshadul Qadri Rahimahullah) added Amir Uthmani's review in later adition of zalzalah along with his reply letter to Amir Uthmani.

    Actually, Dawat-e-Fiker is foreword of Zalzalah.

    later dio-bandits wrote several books to clearify their position, but the truth is that zalzalah and then zair zabar (which is reply to replies by dio-bandits) were a hard slam in dio-bandits face and they can never answer to the objections/questions raised in the two aforementioned books.

    you can realize how effective these two books are if I tell you about my own experience I had with my firends.

    one of my best friends, now he is dearest to me, was a fanatic hard liner diobandi. He has had many debates with me but to no avail. He used to disparage Imam Ahmed Rida Rahimahullah in front of me and I kept my patience. Then I gave him zalzalah and zair zabar and Taskeen-ul-Jinnah Fil Mahasin-e-Kanzul Eman by Hazrat Allama Ghoth Bhatralvi (May Allah Subh'ano wa Ta'ala save him). After reading those books specially zalalah and zair zabar (because they were about diobandits) he changed his mind and has become a staunch sunni. He took these two books to the office of Tahreek Khatm-e-Nabuwwat (run by diobandits) and in his own words they could not answer him and just kept smiling (of course out of shame).

    father of my another friend was very inspired by diobandits. He gave me Palan Haqqani's Shariat ya Jahalat, in return I gave zalzalah to him and after reading it he said 'if the objections are true then diobandis are really munafiqs'. To verify the truthfulness of objections you only need two books; zalzalah by Allah Arshadul Qadri and Hikayat-e-Olia (also know by Arwah-e-Thalata) published with endorsement of asharf ali thanvi.

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    He is/was the editor of the monthly Deobandi magazine, Tajalli. I don't know if he's related to Taqi Uthmani. His comment is present in my copy of Zalzala. I think it was a letter he wrote to 'Allama Arshad.
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    Assalam u Alaikum

    Sidi Aqdas, could you tell us more about who Molvi 'Aamir Uthmani is and is he related to Mufti Taqi. Also do you know the reference to his comment in Dawate Fikr on the Zalzala of Allama Arshad ul Qadri (RA).

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    As for Thanwi's burnable Hifzul Iman, my Imam Ahmad Rida Khan would refer to it as Khabtul Iman.

    In urdu, the dot of the 'Fa' is taken to the 'Ha', making it a 'Kha'.
    The round of the 'Faa' is made into a 'Baa' and a dot is added under it.
    The dot of the 'Dha' is deleted.

    It now becomes Khabtul Iman.

    Imam Ahmad Rida did this with many of their books.

    BTW, I said burnable. This is what the Deobandi Molvi 'Aamir Uthmani wrote when he read the irrefutable 'Zalzala' of 'Allama Arshad al-Qadri nawwar Allahu marqadahu.
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    In Uttar Pradesh there are a number of cities with the name "thana" even as far down as the southern states, for example near Bombay, where due to the TJ/Deobandi/Wahabi acitivities, the Muslims of that area and Bombay were attacked in mass by Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena , but Allah protected the Sunnis.

    Thana Bhawan, Nanauta, Gangoh, Kandhala, Saharanpur are all in the same district of Saharanpur in western most UP northwest of Meerut and to the west of Bijnaur, while Tanda is in eastern Uttar Pradesh near Mubarakpur.

    This Thana is perhaps the most famous one in Western UP and is definitely the one being referred to.

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    I think this is for Rashid Ahmad Gangohi. It is from Imam Ahmad Rida's na'at Lahad mei.n ishq ru.khe shah ka daagh le ke chale.

    11. Who is this insolent man, who calls Allah "a liar"?* What a sinister blame!
    Whose ignoble mission is he propagating against Allah? What a shame!

    12. The occurrence of "a lie" and the absolute Truth of Allah are incompatible:
    Such a point of view is plainly ignorant idiotic and horrible.

    13. Is there any heretic such an evil-minded heretic and a traitor;
    Who can bring a stupid and impossible blame of "a lie" against his Creator.

    14. The blind man has developed the habit of using only the soup (not the meat);
    He fell for a crow because he could not obtain a quail to eat.*

    * In his fatawa, he said that it is possible for Allah to lie!
    ** I heard that Gangohi passed fatwa that it is permissible to eat crow meat!

    Also, is this referring to Thanwi (of Thana Bhawan)? It is from Chamak tujh se paa.te hai.n.

    Mai.n mujrim hoo.n aaqa mujhe saath le lo
    Ke ras.te mei.n hai.n jaa baja thaane wale
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    sadru'l afaDil mawlana sayyid nayimuddin muradabadi would routinely refer to it as: tafwiyatu'l iman [the death of faith] notably in his classy refutation of this book.
  8. :s1:

    jazak Allahu khayran Brother Abu Hasan!

    The accursedness of this man and his admirers is made more clear with every reference.

    joke: in northern punjabi of pakistan [saraiki/pothwari] the word 'takka' means to push away or to curse someone. thus hazrat mufakkir e islam says ismail delhvi's book is 'takka tul imaan'!!

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  9. abu Hasan

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    woh raza ke nezey ki maar hai, ke `adu ke seene meiN ghaar hai
    kisey chara juyi ka waar hai, ke ye waar waar se paar hai

    such is strike of Raza's spear, that it pierces the enemy's chest ample and deep;
    who wants to make an wound that can be healed? this is a strike that shall send the enemy beyond gallows [death] once and for all!
  10. abu Hasan

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    from alaHazrat's diwan:

    woh jisey wahabiyah ne diya, hai laqab shahid o zabih ka,
    woh shahid e layla e najd tha wo zabih e taygh e khiyaar hai

    ye hai din ki taqwiyat us ke ghar; ye hai mustaqim sirate e sharr
    jo shaqi ke dil meiN hai gaw khar, to zabaN pe chohda chamar hai

    woh Habib pyara to umr bhar, karey fayz o juud hi sar ba sar
    arey tujh ko khaaye tap e saqar, tere dil meiN kis sey bukhaar hai?

    and about whom the wahabis have given the title of martyr and the slain:
    he was a martyred for his beloved in najd; and he is slain by the swords of the righteous

    this is what he calls strengthening of faith, that which is truly a path of mischief
    when the wretched rascal has 'bulls and donkeys' in his heart, he utters 'the cobbler and the menial'.

    the Beloved has always been generous and giving, for all your life
    may the fires of hell swallow you; why does your heart burn in jealousy and disease (when talking about him, sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam)


    1. wahabis call ismayil as shahid - the martyr; alaHazrat says he was shahid, but on the path of wahabism not on the path of islam. this he indicates by the metaphor: 'layla e najd',
    'his layla of najd' or 'his beloved of najd'. the metaphor is better understood by the fact that the famous story of layla and majnun (qays) is also set in najd. another figurative translation would be: 'he was martyr for the dark night of najd' apparently an indication towards the hadith that RasulAllah Sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam warned us of heresies and likened them to the dark parts of the night.

    and they call him 'zabih' or 'slain for islam': he was rather slain by the righteous muslims of afghanistan. there is also a sarcastic reference to cucumber. khiyar means: the righteous; khiyar also means 'cucumber'. it is documented by the deobandis themselves (found in arwah e salasah) that when ismayil dahalwi was struck by the sword and was dying, guess what did he wish for! they report that he said:'by Allah, my heart wishes at this time to eat a cucumber.'

    2. din ki taqwiyat - 'what he and his house call the strengthenging faith' a comment on his utterly deplorable and burnable book he named taqwiyatu'l iman.

    mustaqim sirat e sharr - 'certainly, the straight path of mischief'; a comment on his another sordid booklet 'sirat e mustaqeem'.

    in his book 'sirat e mustaqeem', he says: 'the thought of one's own bull or a donkey occuring in Salat is better than the thought of a shaykh or even RasulAllah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. because it is better to think about intercourse with one's own wife, than think about fornication'.

    in his book 'taqwiyatu'l iman', he says: 'whosoever it might be [implying even messengers], they are nothing in front of Allah - they are equal to menials and cobblers in the presence of Allah'.
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