The Repentance of Syed Muḥammad Jilānī Miyaṇ Ashrafī al Jilānī

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  1. Muhammad786

    Muhammad786 New Member

    It leaves him without a leg to stand on.
  2. The Emir

    The Emir Well-Known Member

    Zain ul Aqtab of Coventry is no doubt scratching his head at the moment. After defending the kufar in Furec and the accused so passionately the accused has now repented. Where does that leave Zain ul Aqtab?
  3. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

    indeed, as we have seen in the case of the study quran, the perennialists are no more in the shadows and are attempting to force their way into main-stream, using any dirty trick that will answer to their agenda.

    what's news is that this is no longer a "western" problem - it's been quietly gaining foothold in the subcont, and ulama don't seem to appreciate the danger it poses to the masses.

    See this article, it's as recent as April 2017. The Islam-hater "maroof shah" who is the subject of that article is an apologist and proselytizer for perennialism, a die-hard devotee of schuon.

    The current political climate in India will only serve to aid the agenda of the perennialists. It's noteworthy that liberals (except hard-core atheists) and conservatives (except some hard-core hindutwa fanatics, though not all) would both love to see perennialist ideas gain foothold here, for divergent and often contradictory reasons of-course.
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  4. Aqib alQadri

    Aqib alQadri Veteran

    that's good. may Allah ta'ala accept and forgive.

    it would be beneficial - also for Jilani MiyaN's reputation - if the evidence was made public, for an act (and the subsequent charge) that was highly publicized.
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  5. Juwayni

    Juwayni Well-Known Member

    There have been two audio clips of Huẓur Ghazī e Millat from this year's Ḥajj that outline Jilanī Miyaṇ is cleared of charges of kufr [due to repentance] according to Madanī Miyaṇ. I have asked the Khulafa of Madanī Miyaṇ Muftī Ayyūb Ashrafī and Mawlanā Naveed Ashrafī both have confirmed he has repented. A reliable friend has sent me evidence of Shaykh Asrāŗ Rashīḍ confirming Jilanī Miyaṇ's repentance as well. All of this was prior to this clip being released. It is safe to say he has fulfilled the requirements of Shariah and his repentance satisfies the Muftī who issued the fatwa of takfīŗ in this first place, Madanī Miyaṇ.
  6. Aqib alQadri

    Aqib alQadri Veteran

    in the clip, he is indeed repenting from all sins; I did not hear him make any reference to FUREC.

    so has he repented from his participation in FUREC? I genuinely wish he has.

    if not, he needs to publicly acknowledge that his support for FUREC was indeed wrong.
  7. Juwayni

    Juwayni Well-Known Member

    As Salāmu ʿAlaykum Wa Raḥmatullāhi Wa Barakatu,

    We live in an age where those who hold a perennialist worldview are in our midst propagating their heresies. Calls for retraction and repentance often go unheeded, and so we ought to give recognition where it is due to those who repent from this heresy. Over a decade ago, a faction broke off from the Ashrafi Silsila of Kicchocha Sharif, U.P, India. The matter was not one of a valid difference of opinion, but rather on the fundamentals of the faith.

    The root of the issue was an organization founded by the former President of India, the late Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. Dr. Kalam founded The Foundation for Unity of Religions and Enlightenment of Citizenship, known as FUREC. FUREC's heresy was outlined in the document known as The Surat Spiritual Declaration.

    The Surat Spiritual Declaration’s project number 1 states:

    ‘Every month in all parts of India there can be a multi-religious gathering to convey the core message attempted in the prayer of peace and about the basic truths contained in various religions. Such a prayer should be preceded by prayers from all religions practised in that part of the country by respective religious and spiritual leaders in the presence of the people. Each month the day selected could be a holy day from one religion: Islam, Hindu, Christianity, Sikh, Parsi, Jain, Buddhist etc. Regular conduct of such meetings by all religious leaders and people from different religions respecting holy days of other religions will send a powerful message. If possible such gatherings can take place at the religious places where all persons from other religions also can gather on that day. People should also exchange pleasantries and sweets during these meetings, as is the practice in some parts of the country where unity of minds prevails.’

    This project is also described in the Memorandum of Association at part (d) as:

    ‘To organize multi religious functions to popularise joint celebration of religious festivals. Common community Kitchens and multi religious prayers.’

    Sadly, the nephew of Huzūr Shaykh al Islām, ʿAllamah Madanī Miyaṇ Ashrafī al Jilānī, Jilānī Miyaṇ was involved in this organization. Eventually a fatwa of takfīŗ was issued on Jilānī Miyaṇ for this heresy and it was with great relief that I would like announce that Jilānī Miyaṇ has repented from this and has also released a public video of repentance as well.



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