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  1. abu Hasan

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    mujh ko ruswa bhi agar koyi kahega to yuNhi
    ke wahi na - woh rajaa* bandah e ruswaa tera

    [*rajaa=hope, is my takhallus. don't hope to see any poems though, as i sorely lack talent. but it is convenient to replace raza in lines that fit us more than raza.]
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    surah aal imran, 3:188
  4. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    do this exercise.

    1. in your own capacity, be it as a common person, student of knowledge, mureed, aalim, mufti, shaykhe tariqat, etc. - try to gather a list of the titles that you have come across in the world of Ahlus Sunnah - right from Sayyid Al-Taabi3een Sayyidina Owais Al-Qarni until the times of Ala Hazrat Shaykh Ahmad Raza Khan.

    2. now gather a list of all the titles that you see popped up in the last 40 years, from 1980-2020.

    3. compare and contrast the titles of the contemporary title holders to their deeds. same for those of the pre-Ala Hazrat era.

    of course, we are not judges of people's deeds, but we can talk about what we see public figures do in public life. so if someone claims to be Shamsheere Ala Hazrat, then we at least expect him to be compliant with Ala Hazrat's methodology. if someone claims to be a (Sunni) Mufakkire Islam, we at least wish to see him comply to elementary Ash3ari/Maturidi methodology, and so on.

    part of the reason we are so messed up right now is people generously allocating titles to anyone, and that anyone then feeling entitled to have his hands and feet kissed by common folk.

    if you want to bring up fiqh talk on "but it's mibah, you can't oppose something mibah" (as many peer-compliant muftis do), please take it to the fiqh section

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