to mock the Adhan is Kufr

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  1. thanks for correcting the poem. i
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    if you want to bait, atleast get the lines right:

    dee mu`azzin ne azaaN wasl ki shab pich'chley pahar
    haaye kam-bakht ko kis waqt khudaa yaad aaya
    [daagh if i am not wrong]

    the poet is still bothered about the timing - his pique is his predicament - not because of the azan itself and his curse [kambakht] is because of the bad timing, not because of the azan itself. i suppose that much should be apparent to any urdu elementary reader.

    did you have any specific concern?
  3. Would this fatwa apply to verses like this one then:

    Pichli raat, shab e vasl, dee muazzin ne azaan
    Haaye! kambakht ko kis waqt Khuda yaad aya!
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    sorry sister. it is not available in english.
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    Aslamalikum brother Aqdas

    Brother i cant read urdu in depth have you got this in English?

    Walikum Aslaam
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    From Fatawa Ridawiyyah, vol.21, p.215

    Question: What do you say about Zayd who laughed at the Adhan of the Mu’addhin. He heard the words Hayya ‘alas salah and he made a joke of it by saying Bhayya LaTh chalaa. Is there a ruling of Zayd being a Murtad and is his marriage void? Is his wife Haram upon him? Without repeating the Nikah, is having relations with his wife counted as Zina and Haram? After knowing of Zayd’s actions [of ridiculing Adhan], will the wife of Zayd be indulged in Zina if she continues to have physical relations with him?

    Answer: To ridicule and mock the Adhan is definitely Kufr and if it was the Adhan he ridiculed then he is without doubt a Kafir. His wife is no longer in his Nikah. If he re-enters Islam and then performs Nikah again, only then will his wife be Halal for him; otherwise it will be Zina. If his wife is happy to continue relations with him [after knowing] then she is a Zaniya [adulteress]. If Zayd’s intention was to mock the mu’addhin and not the Adhan, then he must re-enter Islam and re-do his Nikah. Wallahu ta’ala a’lam.
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