[Translation] Daagh E Furqat E Taiba by Huzoor Taajush Shariah

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    yes please do brother Qasim
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    can you please help with correcting it? would be nice to get a correct translation.
  3. Just a suggestion blemish or stain would have been a better word to use for the translation of daag, rather than spot. Sorry but there are other mistakes aswell.
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    shaykh abdul hadi (south africa) explained to me that this was written by huzoor taajush shari'ah, when he was arrested by the saudis on his first hajj after visiting allamah shaykh sayyid alawi (alaihi rahmah) in makkah shareef. he was preparing himself for his visit to the Holy Prophet's (blessings and peace be upon him) blessed court when he was arrested.therefore the lines above. heartbroken with being deprived from the blessings of having his eyes blessed with kissing the ground of madina shareef, he wrote this naat.

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    Daagh-e furqat-e Tayba Qalb muzmahil jaata
    Kaash Ghumbad-e Khazra dekhne ko mil jaata

    The spot caused by the separation of Madinah, causes my heart to shudder.
    Oh! How I wish I could have seen the Green Dome (of the Prophet Sallallaahu Alaihi wa Sallam)

    Dum mera nikal jaata unke Aastane par
    Unke Aastaane ki khaak meh mein mil jaata

    My last breath should have been breathed at his Shrine.
    It would have allowed me to be mixed with sand of his Shrine

    Maut le ke aa jaati zindagi Madine meh
    Maut se galey mil kar zindagi meh mil jaata

    Death brings with it True Life in Madinah.
    I would have embraced death and be joined with true life

    Furqat-e Madina ne wo diye mujhe sudmein
    Koh par agar parti koh bhi to hil jaata

    The Separation from Madinah caused me such grief (pain).
    That if this grief were placed on a mountain, then even the mountain would tremble!

    Dil pe jub kiran parti unke subz Ghumbad ki
    Uski subz rangat se baagh bun ke khil jaata

    When on my heart falls the beam from his Green Dome,
    Then through its Greenish Colour, my heart blossoms like a garden in bloom

    Dil pe wo qadam rakhte Naqsh Paa ye dil banta
    Yaa to khaak-e-paa bun kar paa se muttasil jaata

    If he placed His Blessed foot on my heart, my heart would have become his foots impression.
    If not it would have become the dust under and adjoining his blessed feet.

    Un ke Dar pe Akhtar ki hasrate huwi poori
    Saa'iley dar-e-aqdas kaise munfa'il jaata

    At the Court of Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam), Akhtar's yearning was fulfilled.
    How was if possible for the Beggar at His Court to be turned away in Shame

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