Translation of Dil Mein Ho Yaad Teri by Mawlana Hasan Raza Khan Barelvi

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  1. thanks...i will insha Allah now try to translate it all.
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  3. You´re welcome. Although I dont think this is the complete poem. If anyone has the complete poem I´d like to translate the remaining verses. what is the diwan of Mawlana Hasan Raza called? Is it online?
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    jazakAllahu khayran, nj.
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  6. Dil Mein Ho Yaad Teri by Mawlana Hasan Raza Khan Barelvi.

    Version 1.0 (draft)

    Dil mein ho yaad teri gosha e tanhaii ho
    Phir tau khalwat mein ajab anjuman aaraii ho

    A quiet corner and thoughts of you on my mind
    What a gathering then in my solitude there´d be!

    Aastaane pe tere sar ho, ajal aaii ho
    Aur ay jaan e jahaan tu bhii tamashaii ho

    My head on your doorstep with Death approaching
    Oh Soul o´my soul, what a scene if you too were watching!

    Aaj jo aib kissi par nahin khulne dete
    Kab voh chaheinge meri hashr mein rusvaii ho

    He who doesn´t allow my faults to be made public today
    How would he allow me to be disgraced on Judgement Day?

    Kabhi aisa na huwa unke karam kay sadaqay
    Haath kay phailne se pehle na bheek aaii ho

    This never happens that whilst seeking his grace
    One did not receive charity ere the stretching out of the hand!

    Uski qismat pe fida takht e shahi kii raahat
    Khaak e Taiba pe jisse chain kii need aaii ho

    May the comforts of kingship be sacrificed for the fate
    Of one with the serenity of sleeping on Madina´s dust!

    Band jab khwaab e ajal se hoN Hasan kii aankhein
    Uski nazron mein tera jalwa e zaibaii ho

    When Hasan´s eyes close with the onset of the Eternal Sleep
    Let his sight be filled with your august vision!
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