`umar and the egyptian

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    When will the history repeat itself? :cry: :x
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    anas ibn mâlik raDiyAllâhu `anhû narrates:

    we were with `umar ibn al khaTTâb riDwânAllahi `alayh when an egyptian came to him and said, "o amîr al-mu’minîn, i have come to seek your protection.."

    he [`umar] replied: "what befell you?"

    the egyptian said: “i let my horse with those of `amr ibn al-`âS; as my horse was winning, muHammad the son of `amr ibn al-`âS said ‘that’s my horse, by the Lord of ka`abah!’. as it came nearer, i recognized mine and said ‘that is MY horse, by the Lord of ka`abah’. so he stood up [muHammad] and lashed me with his whip and said: ‘take that; i am the son of a nobleman’.” [you dare compete with me?]

    as soon as `umar heard that, he asked the egyptian to sit and immediately wrote to `amr : "as soon as you receive this letter of mine, come hither, along with your son, muHammad."

    when the letter reached `amr, he called his son and said: "did you do anything? did you commit any crime?"

    the son replied, "no."

    [`amr] said: "then why does `umar write about you?"

    [however], `amr came to `umar. anas says:

    "by Allah, i was with `umar when `amr came unto us. and `umar was looking around, searching for the son who was following his father. `umar asked: "where is the egyptian?"

    the man said: "here i am"

    `umar gave him the whip and said: "now lash the son of the nobleman; lash him, the son of a nobleman" [ibn al-akramîn]

    so the egyptian whipped the son.

    `umar said: "now crack one on the bald pate [of `amr]; by Allah he [the son] didn’t whip you except by virtue of his father’s authority."

    the egyptian said: "amîr al-mu’minîn, i have lashed the one who struck me [and i don’t want to hit anyone else]".

    [`umar] said: "you could have lashed him [`amr] and we wouldn’t have interfered ; anyway, you yourself has let him go."

    turning to `amr he said: “o `amr, since when did you begin making slaves of people? and their mothers had given them birth as free men?” *

    he then told the egyptian: "now go your way and write to me if anyone troubles you again."

    * a yâ `amr, matâ ista`abaddtum an-nâsa wa qad waladathum ummuhum aHrâran?] ..and the west claims that the first article of equality was the magna carta!
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