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    certainly. this mus'haf is not suitable for the qur'anic text insertion method mentioned in this thread.

    notice, that the aayats break across pages, unlike the muS'Haf madinah.

    this mus'Haf has been converted into a font set (i.e. vector glyphs) such that:

    - each page corresponds to a separate font; for example QCF_P365 corresponds to page 365 on the mus'Haf madinah.
    - every word on that page corresponds to a character on the character-set.


    so an optimised PDF is not very helpful.
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    This one is just 4 MB, apologies as this may go against the topic being discussed.

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    in case you missed this.
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    as i said in another post earlier in the day, you can download the fonts page-wise here:

    download the zip file from here:
    it is nearly 57MB.

    1. extract the fonts folder from the zip downloaded above.
    2. there are 604 "fonts" corresponding to forms on every single page of the madinah-mus'Haf.
    3. install these fonts.

    this is my method, and if you have a better technique, please feel free to share.

    first, identify the aayah you wish to add.

    in this case this is aayah 63 of surah furqan



    i find the aayah in the mus'haf, and note down the page number on which this aayah appears.
    in this case it is page no. 365



    in a blank document in MS-word, in the font selection box type QCF_P365.
    notice that P365 corresponds to page #365 i have identified in the previous step.



    select the "insert symbol" button - it may be on a quick access toolbar (it is customisable) or on the INSERT ribbon.



    the insert symbol dialog will be displayed - you can see the portions of the ayats (one or two words are mapped to a character as a symbol).



    find the number 63 (corresponding to the aayah we are trying to insert) and from this box insert all the boxes [arabic is written from right to left, and this is a FONT and not actual writing; hence, these forms will be placed one after the other left-to-right; the objective is anyway achieved.]



    you can verify the aayah with that in the mus'haf to make sure that it is correctly written.
    then use cut and paste to select the aayah or part of it, in your text like so:

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