visiting `umar ibn al-khaTTab

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    Asalamu Alaikum.

    Brother could you please elaborate on this.

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    Hasan raDiyAllâhu `anhû narrates: suhayl ibn `amr, Hârith ibn hishâm and abû sufyân ibn al Harb were among the quraysh notables, waiting at the door of amîr al-mu’minîn `umar ibn al-khaTTâb raDiyAllâhu `anhû. suhayb and bilâl – freed slaves – among those who participated in badr were waiting as well.

    ibn `umar came out and took the latter inside. abû sufyân said, ‘i have never seen a day like this, when slaves are allowed in and we are left at the door without being even considered’.

    suhayl ibn `amr said – and he was a wise man – ‘i see anger in your faces; o men! be not angry, except on your own selves. these people were invited [to islam] and so were you. they hastened [in accepting islâm] and you deliberated. imagine what may happen if they are invited [into paradise] on judgement day and you shall be left standing?’ [lest any amongst you might contemplate rebellion..]

    {ibn al-jawzi, manâqib `umar ibn al-khaTTâb}
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