Waqar Azmi on Christmas

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Juwayni, Jan 16, 2017.

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  1. AR Ahmed

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    Are you really Turkish?
  2. Mehmet Sekil

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    Panel of Ulama convened at the request of Mevlana Ershad Misbahi.

    Mevlana Aqdas has Mevlana Azmi responded to your question regarding celebrating Christmas in the Masjid?
  3. Unbeknown

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    with due respect, my personal observation is that, taken collectively, "most" sunni awaam believe in big sounding titles awarded to contemporary public figures - even if they change allegiances, the titles merely get transferred to the new face. Allamah is the lowest you can get.

    And many people also suffer from weird variations of the recency effect: so the real/perceived scholar who lives close to or visits the mosque closest to one's place of residence, is generally the most correct in all cases. As you remove to farther places, scholars' begin to dim in erudition and importance. Then, the scholars closer to one in time are more correct than the earlier ones, at least they have the carte blanche authority to interpret or misinterpret the earlier ones (often the latter). Religious issues are frequently viewed through the lens of a 'scholar proximus'.

    And these effects apply not just to sunnis but muslims of all stripes - at least here in India.
  4. abu Hasan

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    generalisation alert.

    "some" sunni followers/admirers of "some" sunni scholars and pirs and community leaders are given very big sounding titles whether they deserve those titles or not.
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  5. AR Ahmed

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    Bhai due respect but its not the exact fault of Allama Azmi that Waqar does kufr. I do not believe the titles of Allama Azmi saheb have much to do with Waqar either
  6. Mehmet Sekil

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  7. Mehmet Sekil

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    12 mins onwards for about a min and a half

    Can Salma Yaqoob (or those close to/able to contact her) clarify, what she means by: -

    “right from the beginning pluralism within and without; the Qur’an talks about the Jews and Christians as the People of the Book, with the utmost respect.”

    What pluralism within did the Messenger of Allah ﷺ respect? Does she mean in creedal matters as would seem to be the purport of “the Qur’an talks about the Jews and Christians as the People of the Book, with the utmost respect“ and the actual question she answers.

    Would she agree that there are a plethora of verses which condemn the Jews and Christians, not least to eternal damnation if they remain so?

    what she means by: -

    “just because you are born a Muslim or decide to take the faith you are guaranteed Paradise, it is about what you do; and god is the ultimate judge and it is not for individuals to judge each other” - not least she wasn’t even asked that question; she was asked by the presenter whether polytheists are also respected like the People of the Book.

    Is she peddling the perennialist narrative, all paths lead to Paradise - actions ultimately trump beliefs?

    I only ask for clarification because she is allowed to speak at Sunni mosques and events and her statements muddy the water at a time when clarity on such matters is an absolute must given the backdrop. she has frequently attended/has spoken at/promotes the annual perennialist/sulh kulli showcase RIS, which for me is a big red flag.

  8. Juwayni

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    If Azmi Sahib isn't responsive to Br. Aqdas is anyone senior you know willing to bring this up with him?
  9. ridawi

    ridawi Muhammadi Sunni Hanafi

    any updates?
  10. Harris786

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  11. Aqdas

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    We seek the refuge of Allah ta'ala.

    What next? Easter?

    I will be talking to Mawlana Azmi about this.

    The excerpts present in abu Hasan's 'minhaji fata morgana' are clear in this regard and this is very worrying.
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  12. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    what does mawlana qamaruz zaman azmi say about it?

    or is he too from the same kind of 'senior ulama' in our time who choose to remain silent as the sphinx, instead of speaking out and guiding the youth?
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    well, he really looks like a boy bobbing up and down on his heels, crying, "me too! me too!", but no one's paying him much attention.

    He is spoiling his akhira for nothing.
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