When a non-Muslim touched A'la Hadrat

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    dislike for disbelievers on account of their disbelief.
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    My master Ala Hadrat has said in Malfuzaat that: It is Fard each and every Muslim to have love for all friends of Allah Azzawajal (i.e., Prophets, companions of the Prophets and Awliyah-Allah etc..and to have hatred against His all enemies (i.e. disbelievers, atheist, apostates and the people holding corrupt beliefs. This is our absolute faith.

    (During the same context, he Ramatullahi Ta'ala Alayh said): Alhamdulillah Azzawajal i have found hatred in my heart against all the enemies of Allah ever since i came of age. Once i went to my village, all servants of chopal (meeting place) had to go to Badaun to attend a legal proceeding, so i stayed alone. At that time, i was suffering from intestinal colic (abdominal pain), the colicky pain started in the afternoon and i hardly managed to make Wudu but could not stand to offer Zuhr prayer. I supplicated to Allah Azzawajal and asked the Beloved and Blessed Prophet ﷺ for help. Rab Azzawajal listens to du'a of those who are worried. I made the intention and started offering my Sunnah Salah; no colic remained. When i finished my Salah, the colic relapsed with the same intensity. I immediately stood up to offer my Fard Salah, the colicky pain was no more but when i finished, i had the same painful condition which prolonged till the time of Asr. I was completely restless and kept tossing around on the bed.

    Meanwhile, a Hindu Brahman of the village was going past, the door was open, so he saw me and came inside. Placing his hand on my abdomen, he asked, 'Do you have pain here?' Due to the touch of his impure hand on my body, I felt so much disgust and hatred that i even forgot my pain. The trouble of the touch of an unbeliever on my abdomen was more severe than the pain i had. One should have such deep malice against them. (Malfuzaat A'la Hadrat, pp. 276)
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