when does something become wajib?

Discussion in 'Usul al-Fiqh' started by Aqdas, Mar 19, 2007.

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    if RasulAllah sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam did not leave out an action - even once - it is proof for its being wajib. [fat'H al-Qadir, bab al-adhan]

    suppose an action that was done always, and not left out even once; if the SaHabah did not object to those who omitted such an action it is proof that such an action is sunnah; or else [if they objected] it is proof of the action being wajib. [fat'H al-Qadir, bab al-i`ytikaf]

    - action done by RasulAllah sallallahu `alayhi wasallam.

    - maqrunatun is used as an emphasis on the conjuction, that is: doing the action always AND not omitting it even once. such that both attributes are together.
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    i was reading imam ahmad raza khan barelwi's Lamátu’d Đuĥā fī Iýfā’yi’l Liĥā and the imam quoted an usul from the Hanafi masters of yore. i think i understood it to mean that if our master sallAllahu 'alaihi wasallam did something all the time, then it becomes wajib. i don't think it's as simple as that and that is why i need help on this. the excerpt is below and the main part is in the rectangle but the part above the rectangle is relevant.

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