When to release hands in janazah prayer

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    Fatawa Ridawiyyah, 9:193

    Issue 56
    From Lashkar, Kanpur, Topkhanah neighbourhood, Old Bazar, Choti Masjid. Questioner: Muhammad Yusuf Ali
    Date: 2 Safar, 1332 H

    What do the ulama say regarding the funeral prayer. Should salam be performed after releasing the hands or before? What is better?

    Answer: Tying the hands is sunnah for that qiyam (standing) in which there is stillness in the posture, as mentioned in Durr al-Mukhtar, etc. Salam is at the time of exiting prayer so there is nothing that calls for the hand to be tied at this time. So it is evident that after the fourth takbir, the hands be released. And Allah ta'ala Knows best.


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