who is the sacrifice / dhabiH?

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  1. abu Hasan

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    no it doesn't. both are prophets and exalted and dear bondsmen of Allah ta'ala. salawatullahi `ala nabiyyina wa `alayhimu's salatu wa's salam. it is merely of academic interest.
  2. does it really matter which of the two sons it was? surely the message of sacrfiice is important?
  3. abu Hasan

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    on page 5 of that tafsir:

    حدثنـي مـحمد بن عمار الرازي، قال: ثنا إسماعيـل بن عبـيد بن أبـي كريـمة، قال: ثنا عمر بن عبد الرحيـم الـخطابـيّ، عن عبـيد بن مـحمد العُتبـي من ولد عتبة بن أبـي سفـيان، عن أبـيه، قال: ثنـي عبد الله بن سعيد، عن الصُّنابحي، قال: كنا عند معاوية بن أبـي سفـيان، فذكروا الذبـيح إسماعيـل أو إسحاق، فقال: علـى الـخبـير سقطتـم: كنا عند رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم فجاءه رجل، فقال: يا رسول الله عُدْ علـيَّ مـما أفـاء الله علـيك يا ابن الذبـيحين فضحك علـيه الصلاة والسلام فقلنا له: يا أمير الـمؤمنـين، وما الذبـيحان؟ فقال: إن عبد الـمطلب لـما أُمِر بحفْر زمزم، نذر الله لئن سَهُل علـيه أمرها لـيذبحنّ أحد ولده، قال: فخرج السهم علـى عبد الله، فمنعه أخواله، وقالوا: افْدِ ابنك بـمئة من الإبل، ففداه بـمئة من الإبل، وإسماعيـل الثانـي.

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    I've also heard that Ghaus i Azam Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilaani RadyAllaahu Anhu was of the opinion that Hazrat Ishaq Aleyhis Salaam was the sacrifice...could any brother/sister confirm this?
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    Unfortunately I am not competent enough to understand the arabic text in the link. Can you please translate?

    Couple of years back, I asked my local Imam to clarify this issue. I was confused since Shaykh Hamza in one of the talks had stated that there is no consensus among the ulemas on this issue. Further Qadi Iyaad in ash-shifa mentions that Sayyidna Ishaq alayhissalam was the sacrifice.

    My local Imam gave the following proofs for Sayyidna Ismail alayhissalam being the sacrifice:

    (i) There is a hadith of the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) where he proclaimed that he was son of two dhabiHs. This was in reference to his father Hazrat Abdullah who was offered as a sacrifice and Sayyidna Ismail alayhissalam. Since there is not an iota of doubt regarding the fact that the Prophet is indeed a direct descendant of Sayyidna Ismail alayhissalam, so it is established that Sayyidna Ismail alayhissalam (and not Sayyidna Ishaq alayhissalam) was the sacrifice.

    Can someone clarify what is the status/classification of this hadith?

    (ii) My local Imam also stated that attribution of Sayyidna Ishaq alayhissalam as the sacrifice is most likely a case of Israiliyaat (i.e. reliance on corrupted jewish texts). Even there the jewish accounts are self-contradictory. My Imam pointed out that the jews are unanimous about the fact that it was the first son of Sayyidna Ibrahim alayhissalam who was dhabiH. There is consensus among the muslim ulemas that the first son was no other than Sayyidna Ismail alayhissalam.

    (iii) My local Imam also cited a verse from Quran and showed me the tafsir of Zia-ul-Quran wherein it was evident that the the sacrifice was indeed Sayyidna Ismail alayhissalam. Unfortunately I do not recollect which verse was cited, but it was certainly not the verse stated above.
  6. abu Hasan

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    see at-Tabari's tafsir of the verse for difference of opinion on who was the dhabiH among the sons of sayyiduna isma'yil? was it sayyiduna is'Haq or sayyiduna isma'yil ala nabiyyina wa `alayhimu's salatu wa's salam.

    surah 37, as-saffat, v.107.


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