Why Quran is La Raib? He is Ahsanal Hadith {URDU}

Discussion in 'Tafsir' started by abu Hasan, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. abu Hasan

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    it is my sincere advice to you to do tawbah from this gross heresy and return to ahlu's sunnah.

    just a cheap quality paperback arabic-english dictionary won't make you a mufassir. desist from this stupidity. i am at a loss to decide which is worse: your english idiom or your knowledge of arabic idiom.

    an ignorant illiterate peasant looking at a computer screen might think that the television and computer are the same, but a fourth grade child (in my nephew's case, a first grader) can tell you that there is a huge difference. education does a great deal of good to a body. get some education. get a life. grow a brain.

    also your website is jarring and an eye-sore: both physically and metaphorically. (you may not understand the word metaphor as you have shown phenomenal ignorance of metaphors in your explanations.)

    there are people in this world (past and present scholars) who have read more tafsirs than you can probably name them; so don't act like that foolish frog who thinks that his pond is greater than the river. remove those outstandingly stupid notices in urdu. (you also need to frame proper urdu sentences).

    all your tafsir is dalalah; outright heresy; even if you have said the truth somewhere between the lines..

    do not lie. if you claim that you are a student, behave like one. don't act like that madman who thinks he is a doctor and his doctors are his patients. quit acting like one and take your medicine. go find a book by name 'at-tibyan' by imam nawawi and learn the basics of qur'an before opening your mouth and making an utter fool of yourself.

    wa's salam.

    ps: also, your account on the hosting service has been suspended. i wish it remains that way forever.
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  2. Mazhara

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    Why Quran is La Raib? He is Ahsanal Hadith {URDU}


    ADMIN: please do not post nonsense from your site.

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