You are the coolness of my eyes

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by SunniSevens, Nov 23, 2004.

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  1. SunniSevens

    SunniSevens New Member

    Wa'alaikum assalaam wa Rahmatullah wa Barakaatuh

    without boast, yes my brother it is my own work.

    May Allah grant me (us) the Tauwfeeq to become a devoted lovers of His Rasool Sallalahu alaihiwasallam. Ameen.

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  2. assalamu alaykum!

    This poem was beautiful! Is it your own? Masha Allah!

  3. SunniSevens

    SunniSevens New Member

    You are the coolness of my eyes

    Kurratu 'aina bika Ya RasoolAllah

    Assalaamu'alaika Ya HabeebAllah

    On the 12th of Rabiyyul 'awal he was born,

    his face lit the heavens, all darkness was gone.

    Aamina Bibi Alayhas Salaam

    was told by the Angels, of our praised one,

    mother of perfection, it was in her destiny.

    KhalillAllah prayed for it, and so it was to be.

    Hajira, Mariyam, and Queen Aasiya

    appeared from nowhere, to lend a helping hand.

    Whiter than milk and sweeter than honey,

    Heavenly water was delivered to the land.

    An Umbilical cord is yet to be seen,

    Circumcision done, no blood, everything so clean!

    That Monday was rewarded as no other day would be

    for at Dawn it dawned a Mercy to all Humanity.

    Immediately after birth, prostrating to his Rabb

    Raising his finger : "Ashhadu Allah..." clearly heard.

    For 24 Hours Idols lay on their face,

    picking them up was useless, they'd just fall with disgrace.

    They say we "worship Mustafa", No Believer would!

    they ask : "Believe he is ordinary!", I doubt a lover ever could!

    As i said on the 12th Rabiyyul 'awal - he was born

    his face lit the Heavens, all darkness was gone!

    Kurratu 'aina bika Ya NabiAllah

    wa Sallam alaika Ya NoorAllah

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