your nation is islam, your nationality is mustafawi!

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    islam tera des hai, tu mustafawi hai!

    (ya'ani watan ba haysiyyat eyk siyasi tasawwur key)

    is daur meiN may aur hai jaam aur hai jam aur
    saaqi ney binaa ki rawish e lutf o sitam aur
    muslim ney bhi ta'amir kiya apna haram aur
    tahzeeb key aazar ney tarashwaaye sanam aur
    in taza khudaoN meiN baDaa sab sey watan hai
    jo payrahan iska hai, woh maz'hab ka kafan hai

    yeh buth key tarasheedah e tahzeeb e nawee hai
    gharat gar e kaashanah e deen e nabawi hai
    baazu tera tawheed ki quwwat sey qawi hai
    islam tera des hai tu mustafawi hai
    nazzarah e deyreenah zamane ko dikha dey
    ay mustafawi! khaak meiN is buth ko milaa dey!

    ho qayd e maqami to natijah hai tabahi
    rah e bahr mein, azaad e watan, surat e mahi
    hai tark e watan sunnat e mahbuub e ilaahi
    dey tuu bhi nubuwwat ki sadaqat pey gawahi
    guftar e siyasat meiN watan aur hi kuch hai
    irshad e nubuwwat meiN watan aur hi kuch hai

    aqwam e jahan meiN hai riqabat to isi sey
    taskheer hai maqsud e tijarat to isi sey
    khali hai sadaqat sey siyasat to isi sey
    kamzor ka ghar hota hai ghaarat to isi sey
    aqwam meiN makhluq e khuda bat-ti hai is sey
    qawmiyyat e islam ki jaD kat-ti hai is sey

    (on the idea of 'nation' as a political concept)

    the cup and wine are of a different kind in this age,
    the cupbearer has created a new scene of enjoyment and melee
    muslims have also created a new sanctuary of their own
    the sculptors of 'culture' have created new idols
    among these new gods, the biggest is 'nation'
    the garb of this (nationalism), is the shroud of religion

    these idols, that are chiseled by 'modern culture'
    are the cause of ravaging the religion of Mustafa sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam
    (o muslim!) your arm is strengthened by the power of tawhid
    your country is islam, and you are a mustafawi!
    show the world, the spectacle of yore
    o mustafawi! break these idols and shatter them to dust

    the result of being shackled to local and provencial, is destruction
    and the one who is free from such fetters of nationalism is free like fish in the sea
    to leave your country is the tradition of Allah's beloved sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam
    bear witness (by following him) that prophet is truthful
    'nation' in the parlance of politics is something else
    and 'nation' in the teaching of the prophet is something else

    communities in the world fight on account of this (nationalism based on geographical areas)
    to influence by conducting business is also on account of this
    politics is bereft of truthfulness because of this (jingoism)
    and the homes of the poor and weak are ruined because of this
    communities in this world are divided because of this
    nationalism hacks at the very roots of islamic community.

    - allamah iqbal
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