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  1. Barelweon
    Barelweon Aqdas
    salaam bro can u change my username to Barelweon like abu Hasan requested JazakAllah
  2. Sikander Raza Attari
    Sikander Raza Attari Aqdas
    Salaam Habibi ❤️

    Can We Say Rehmatullah To A Zinda Pir Or Shaykh ? Can We Use It ?
  3. owaisrazaqadri
  4. Nabeela
    "Do not rush into your matter and keep struggling for it, as the crookedness of a stick is straightened through a determined effort."
  5. AMQadiri
    AMQadiri Aqib alQadri
    Will miss you dearly, Allah bless you and grant you Jannah, ameen.
  6. faizanattari786
    faizanattari786 Aqib alQadri
    may ALLAH have mercy on you
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  7. Nabeela
    "One moment of silence leads to a hundred moments of peace."
  8. Nabeela
    "Whoever restraints his anger, on the day of Judgement, Allah Ta'ala will save him from torment."
  9. Nabeela
    "O man! In the state of anger, you jump up and down too much, lest the next jump should plunge you into hell."
  10. Nabeela
    The Messenger of Allah ﷺ was a man of moderate stature. The space between his shoulders was broad.♡
  11. Nabeela
    The Prophet’s ﷺ Face Mubarak would radiate like the radiance of the moon in full splendour on the night of a full moon.
  12. Nabeela
    Teri ﷺ Nigaah e Naaz Se Dohno Muraad Pa Gaye♡♡
  13. Nabeela
    Tajdare Khatam E Nabuwwat Zindabad ♡
  14. Nabeela
    "A billion salawat on Sayyiduna Hasan, the rider on the esteemed shoulder [of RasūlAllāhﷺ]" - Imām Ahmed Riđā
  15. Nabeela
    Labbayk Ya RasulAllah ﷺ ♡♡
  16. Nabeela
    Jahan se appﷺ‎ guzaar rahein hain zameen Naylan Mubarak ko choomti ja rahin hain ♡
  17. Nabeela
    The Holy Prophet ﷺ would clean his blessed fingers thrice after eating. ♡
  18. Nabeela
    Holy Prophet ﷺ had a beautiful gap between his two front teeth. When he ﷺ would speak, light would be seen emanating from between his teeth.
  19. Nabeela
    "Dono Aalam Ka Dulha Humara Nabi" ﷺ ♡
  20. Nabeela
    "Dene wala hain Sacha Humara Nabi" ﷺ