Allamah Arshadul Qadiri Bayanat

Lectures by Raees-ul-Qalam Allamah Arshadul Qadiri

  1. Unbeknown
    1. The Indispensability of Tawassul

    Rais-ul-Qalam Allamah Arshadul Qadiri ('alayhirrahmah) elucidates an authentic hadeeth, clarifying that seeking the intercession or waseelah of RasulAllah (peace be upon him) is indispensable to every human being. The entire creation shall verily have to approach the threshold of every single Prophet (peace be upon them all) before ultimately begging The Leader of Messengers (peace be upon him) to intercede for them in the court of The Almighty. Therefore, those who harbour aspirations of entering paradise without ever needing to seek help from any human being are ignorant and delusional.

    2. Jamiyah Madinat-ul-Islam Holland, 1993

    3. Azmate Mustafa (peace be upon him) Conference, Oldham, 1987