Audio Book: Hamara Islam 2014-08-28

Audio rendition the Urdu book by Mawlana Khalil Khan Barakati

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    The following review was written by Aqib Qadri in one of his posts.

    Allah - beginning with the name of - the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

    All Praise is for Allah and we beseech Him for His choicest blessings & peace on His beloved Prophet, the kind master of all Muslims.

    This book was written by Maulana Khalil-ul-'Ulema and Khaleel-e-Millat 'Allamah Mufti Mohammed Khaleel Khan Qadri Barakati Noori (may Allah have mercy on him). It dwells upon Islamic faith, beliefs, worships, commands and principles founded on the principles of Ahle-Sunnah (and fiqh Hanafi.)

    Khaleel-e-Millat was a well-known name in religious circles for his contributions to Islamic literature and oration. Being educated and groomed in the religious environment of Mahrehrah Shareef, this practicing scholar penned a number of books on Islam and kept doing so until he breathed his last while writing his last book titled "Maut Kaa Safar" (The journey towards death). Some of his books are under study of religious scholars and masses in almost every country under the sun particularly "Sunni Behishtee Zaiwar" (The Ornaments of Paradise) which is a treasure trove of Islamic essentials. May Allah immensely reward Khaleel-e-Millat with His choicest blessings and a high station in Paradise. Aameen.

    This book "Hamara Islam" (Islam: The glorious religion) of Khaleel-e-Millat has been recommended by Sunni scholars across the world. This is on the syllabus of many Islamic schools in Pakistan and India. Tanzeem-ul Madaaris Ahle Sunnah Pakistan has included this book in the syllabus of all religious seminaries of Sunni creed operating in Pakistan. An organization of religious students of Pakistan (Anjuman Talebah-e-Islam) has included this book in its course of study to educate and train its members and supporters. Besides, it is also popular in many Muslim schools in Europe and USA.

    The book has been re-published in several editions since its first publication in 1955. The book has also been translated into Dutch, Hindi and English.

    This book is written in an extremely simple manner, in a question answer format. When one reads the answer, the question that arises in the reader's mind, is found written as the next question! This sustains the reader's interest and in no time, one wants to finish reading the chapter.

    The book is like a course: starting from the basic, (but extremely important) matters of faith and practice. As the chapters progress, the same subject is dwelt on with more and more detail, as if progressing from one class to another.

    The book covers almost matters of faith (basic aqeedah), worship (cleanliness, prayer, fasting, hajj, zakaat), Sunnah of the Prophet, Hamd, Naat etc.

    We believe that in this digital age, the voice recording will be of immense benefit to the youth and old alike, who either do not know how to read Urdu, or do not have enough time to spare and open an Islamic book.

    The recordings are concise and have been split chapter-wise (as per the book) and usually of small size (average less than 5 Megabytes). Due to the small file sizes, it can easily be downloaded and heard on mobile phones as well.

    We hope the audio recordings will, by the grace of Allah Almighty, prove highly beneficial to the young and old alike.

    O Allah, accept this humble effort from all those involved in this project, and make it a source of immense reward for all. Aameen.

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