Lectures by Maulana Farooq Rizvi

Exposing Najdis, Deobandis, Tablighis etc. using their own books and lectures

  1. Unbeknown
    Maulana Farooq is from the city of Nagpur in Maharashtra, India. He is an emerging face in the field of refuting deviants. His plain and unassuming style strikes a chord with all types of audience. Moreover, his lectures are usually accompanied by large screens which are used to project videos and book scans from the deviants' own websites and/or youtube. Many are reported to have repented after attending his lectures. Please note that as far as I know he's not a darsi graduate.

    Content warning: Some videos have background music at the start and end and some have videos from news channels which may have music.

    The following lecture has been a huge success with youngsters:

    1. Mujrim Kaun Aur Ilzaam Kis Par

    2. Hamara Mujaddid Aur Tumhara Mujaddid

    3. Tablighi Jamaat Ka Paigham

    4. Gustakh-E-Sahaba

    5. Sahaba-e-Kiraam Ka Aqeeda

    6. Taqleed

    7. Gustakh-e-Khwaja Ke Beniqab Chehre

    8. Bidati Kaun?

    9. Jhoota Kaun?

    10. Jarjees Ansari Ka Postmortem

    Jarees is a diehard najdi, popular with the urdu-speaking najdi expatriates residing in Saudi Arabia. Originally from U.P, India, Jarjees has earned a reputation for using blatant lies and false 'evidences' in his diatribes against the ahlussunnah. But then, which najdi doesn't?

    11. Exposing Zakir Naik

    Hafiz Ehsan Sahib is a fearless proponent of Ahlussunnah in Sri Lanka. His exposes have so enraged the deviants that he is on the hit-list of many deobandi goons. May Allah('azzawajal) preserve him.

    short clips dealing with specific topics from the above lectures are also available on youtube.
    12. Kya Arab ke Wahabi Galat Nahi Ho Sakte?