Uddat al-Murid al-Sadiq 2014-08-27

Shaykh Ahmed Zarruq

  1. abu Hasan
    shaykh ahmed zarruq al-burnusi al-fasi, is a famous maliki hadith scholar of the islamic west. the appellation zarruq is on account of his maternal grandfather whose eyes were blue (azraq).

    he was born in 846AH and has written many works among which two are very famous; his commentary on the maxims of ibn aTayillah as-sakandari and a policies manual for sufis named: "qawayid al-taSawwuf".

    this work, 'uddat al-murid al-sadiq' is considered as his most important work on tasawwuf after 'qawayid' - though he wrote on many topics and wrote commentaries on almost all of sayyidi ibn aTayillah's works.

    it is a beautiful work for beginners, students, scholars and even those deemed advanced on the spiritual path in our times. must read alongside imam ghazali's works. the main objective of this work is to refute false notions and heretical ideas that were/are packaged as 'tasawwuf' by shady shaykhs trying to introduce such unislamic concepts in the religion in attempt to hijack true taSawwuf which is fully compliant with the Book and sunnah.

    in the introduction of this work the author says:

    the reader of this books must know and reflect on its contents and accept what is correct and truthful. my intention is not to be disparage people or cynically criticise them; nor is to engage in their shortcomings or to expose their personal flaws.

    further he says:
    banu sa'ad dwell in every valley - whoever trusts them, they destroy him; whoever is associated with them, the shame him; whoever seeks help, they impede him - i mean, those who have taken ignorance as their bed, heresy and innovation as their pillow and their desires as their mainstay...and they claim that THIS is the religion in its strongest form, and the straight path.

    they reject the sunnah and the body of muslims (sunnah wa'l jama'ah) and they describe sins in terms that make them appear as duty (ta'aH) to the Lord Almighty; they have forsaken the sunnah and its means; and grabbed innovation and opened its doors - these are callers to the doors of fire, and they cast in fire whoever answers their call,* just as the Prophet SallAllahu alayhi wa sallam has foretold.
    *it is a phrase from the hadith; and as i mentioned it sometime ago, this term - da`yi, du`at is widely used for public preachers these days; preachers (du'at) who are poaching ignorant common people - young and old, men and women. we ask Allah ta'ala to grant us `aafiyah.


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