8th Rabiy al-Akhir - urs of ghawth azam

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  1. is it true that the sons of ghaus e paak were responsible for getting ibn jauzi imprisoned.

    dhahabi makes this claim that there was enmity between him and huzoor abdulqadir jilani
    لم تسع مرارة ابن الجوزي بأن يترجم بأكثر من هذا لما في قبله من البغض نعوذ بالله من الهوى
    تاريخ الإسلام

    how can one ascertain that books of dhahabi are not tampered
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    according to most historians - including historians such as ibn al-jawzi, who were contemporaries of sayyidi abd al-Qadir jilani raDiAllahu anhu, the shaykh, al-ghawth al-a'azam passed away on the 8th of Rabiy al-Akhir, 561 AH.

    today is 8th rabiy al-aakhir.

    fatiHah for our shaykh and may his barakah extend and envelop us.

    ibn al-jawzi in al-muntazam v18/p173

    ghawth, muntazamibnjawzi, v18p173.png
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