A humble request to our Mujahid, Brother Ghulam

Discussion in 'Bickering' started by kaydani1, Feb 10, 2013.

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  1. kaydani1

    kaydani1 Active Member

    Unfortunately I did not encounter Niaz as he is not there most of the time. And this guy has not studied from Jamia Amjadiya. This guys a joke. He's a murid of Sayyid Shah Noorani Saheb but is a hardcore sullah kulyist. As they would say, 'a paleeth insaan'.
  2. Ghulam

    Ghulam Veteran

    I thought he studied at Jamia Amjadia?

    Did you approach Niaz about the trustee?
  3. kaydani1

    kaydani1 Active Member

    Recently, I have been making regular visits to the HSBT center and involving myself in discussions with certain individuals there. I was rather surprised by one particular individual who made me drop my mouth wide open in shock.


    this individual is a pro tahir jhangavi fan and is a hardcore sullah kulliyist. and on top of that, he makes countless mistakes when he leads salah, for instance reading from back to front of the quran etc.

    this guy is the creme de la creme of sullah kulliys. he is on a rampage.
  4. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    to ghulam:

    your posts are becoming sillier by the day; something like graffiti scrawled with a coal in a narrow alley. if you don't post everyday, i assure you - we won't send police to your doors.
  5. Ghulam

    Ghulam Veteran

    Allah grant shifa, Ameen
  6. agent-x

    agent-x Well-Known Member

    No brother. Ive not rang. I have no network coverage at home unfortunately.

    And ive hardly been out the house as my mother has just come back from hospital yesterday.

    I will call him soon inshAllah

    Duas please
  7. Ghulam

    Ghulam Veteran

    It looked like Amin was crying stood on the stage. Fiaz probably took the Sikhs from Handsworth with him.

    Agent X any news on Fiaz?
  8. Aqib alQadri

    Aqib alQadri Veteran

    fiaz soon gave a statement after the global 'x' circus that all this drama by tahir jhangvi was entirely a "dunyawi" affair; perhaps he did not get some share of the spoils...........but then he goes back to his dunyawi affair, with sikhs, lottery funds.....

    amin ulhasanat did not have the courage to speak up then..... but soon found the opportunity to speak against tahir when the blasphemy law issue came up (mumtaaz qadri v/s salman taseer issue). Well that is a "sensitive" issue among sunnis.... isn't it?

    My question is: were these 2 guys blind when tahir was promoting shirk, blatant kufr and forging a new religion all in the name of global x? they stood on the stage like obedient slaves, listening to the chants of polytheists calling out to the idols: and where was amin-ul-hasanat when tahir accused the Holy prophet of allowing kufr in the masjid nabawi? (mind you, a person who believes that any prophet committed or promoted shirk, for even just a second, is out of the fold of islam)
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  9. Ghulam

    Ghulam Veteran

    Milad in Sultan Bahu Centre Limited or is it a Masjid




    Sultan al Fakr Hazrat Pir Sultan Fiaz can be seen with Fakr e Sultani Allama Ramzan Sultani, Syed Zafarullah Sultani

    Sidi Aqib you do not understand Sultan al Fakr is doing what Qaid e Inqilab requested at Wembley 'we will all pray and sleep together'. We need global peace
  10. Aqib alQadri

    Aqib alQadri Veteran

    love the rasool, be his "slave" - yet not believe him to be rasool.

    what is this madness?
  11. Ghulam

    Ghulam Veteran

    He does pick up his own phone also. The PA will just fob you off
  12. agent-x

    agent-x Well-Known Member

    Not had time to call today.

    Ive managed to get his PAs number who ive been told is a better option to get in contact with Pir Saab

    Will call tomorrow
  13. Ghulam

    Ghulam Veteran

    Is this in Alum Rock can you ask Hazrat Pir Fiaz for me agent x when you call them?

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  14. agent-x

    agent-x Well-Known Member

    Rang but no answer

    Will try again in an hour or so when I take a break
  15. Ghulam

    Ghulam Veteran

    Agent x did you speak to Pir Faiz?
  16. Ghulam

    Ghulam Veteran

  17. agent-x

    agent-x Well-Known Member

    I think I will cal him tomorrow inshAllah

    what kind of a Muslim name is Baldev Singh?
  18. Ghulam

    Ghulam Veteran

    Brother Agent x and others I have been informed Sufi Abdul Latif Jalhandri from Bristol has just rang Pir Fiaz up and they said its a lie that there is no sikh trustee ... goes the kids are shararti and causing trouble.

    You can ring up Pir Sahib and ask him.

    Allama Ijaz Shami may be right we are ignorant as Pir Sahib has said there is no Sikh trustee

    Hazrat Sultan Fiaz-ul-Hassan[COLOR=#BBBBBB !important]Jan 16 · [​IMG][/COLOR]

    Hazrat Pir Sultan Fiaz ul Hassan Sarwari Qadri Sahib are now in UK and can be contacted on +44 7595042099
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  19. Ghulam

    Ghulam Veteran

    It was said last night at HSBT. Things are finally moving after months of silence.

    Pir Fiaz also gave an open invitation to become trustees.

    Both Allama Shami and Pir Fiaz should make their speeches from last night available on youtube.

    We will get Sunni trustees for you and it will not be any of us on this forum insha Allah
  20. agent-x

    agent-x Well-Known Member

    He is free to call me ignorant if thats what he likes to think, I'm sure he knows what Islam says about assumptions.

    How about we both (Molana Ijaz Shami and I) sit down with a hardcore sunni Alim and discuss what ever issue we have?

    I have no personal reason to say anything about HSBT and nor will I gain anything from it. Where is my ignorance?

    If anyone has Molana Ijaz Shamis number can you please PM me it either on here or on SunnaForum.com

    Also brother Ghulam when did he say this?

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