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    it seems that after a long and hard struggle "narth" has shut doors.

    Seems, that the passing away of the main architect of reparative therapy, Joseph Nicolosi, combined with relentless propaganda against the group took it's toll.

    However, Dr. Nicolosi's website is still functional and has a lot of material. Including this very interesting read about the APA takeover by the lgbt lobby.

    On the other hand, his son, Dr. Nicolosi Jr., continues the work under the heading of another transformative program, this time taking utmost caution to be politically correct without being practically useless: Reintegrative Therapy.

    Journal of Psychology and Psychotherapy: new peer-reviewed pilot study documents Reintegrative Therapy’s® effect on binge eating disorder— indicating spontaneous decrease in binge eating, including thoughts, feelings, cravings and behaviors — all by resolving traumatic memories.
    Change is Possible
    The brain has the capacity to wire and re-wire itself, based on our life experiences. Neuroscience calls this "neuroplasticity."

    In the same vein, their published paper, reads that:

    RI focuses on resolving past trauma - which, in many cases, spontaneously results in a change in sexual orientation.

    They also feature a documentary film highlighting the plight of people suffering from unwanted SSA (for mature audience only) on their home page.

    Over the years I have perused quite a bit of their literature and it's very informative in a number of ways.
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    even casinos have higher standards

    quite the humble man he is

    so oxford is the cradle of Islam?!

    i bet this kafir (qaatalahullah) cannot even pronounce the names of 10 books of hadith, or read even 2 hadith in Arabic despite the diacritic marks.

    there's something that's got to be said about all these "reformers" who say "up until i showed up, the ummah was misguided from the real Islam"

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    mincing on words as always. didn't say if he would like America to be true to its 'secular principles', did he?
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    Is hamza implying Muslims dehumanize gays in the Islamic World, while in the West they are tolerant and don't do it?

    Dehumanization of gays happens generally as a reaction. And generally Muslims don't dehumanize gays as they do in the West, but correct people and integrate them into proper human society. i believe treating criminals like criminals is not dehumanization, but dehumanizing a human being is not allowed.

    What i have seen on the ground, from hamza's own city, is that the gays dehumanize themselves far far more than any other community. They want to act and be dirtier than animals with their made up promiscuous life-style and culture. One of the most evil life-styles you can imagine. The way they target young people is shocking, and the way they spread paedophilia is shocking too.

    Castro is a bathroom hole still filled with HIV and sexually transmitted diseases, horrible ones, as much as the 80's and rising, and the amount of trauma the gays subject themselves to and the amount of hatred the gays have among themselves is beyond limit. The degree of suicides, depression, crime among gays touches the ceiling. Its all online on youtube videos, news channels, newspapers, local police stations, hundreds of thousands of videos about the shocking ills in their "community".

    Evangelists have no shame condemning this made up life-style, that dehumanizes people, then why should Hamza and his team not come out and condemn this filth like evangelists? That's a separate topic.
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    The facts about homosexuality:

    1) First practiced by the people of Sodom and Gomorrah (al-Quran)
    2) Twists the participants' minds irrevocably, which is why the ahadith stipulate killing of the passive partner too. read a good passage on the topic somewhere but can't find now.
    3) Arises from looking at beardless youth (hadith)

    But here are two other articles:
    1) Causes: http://islamqa.info/en/ref/101169
    2) Hadd: http://islamqa.info/en/ref/38622

    According to the above articles:

    1) HS was a 'test' to which people of SnG were first to be put- i.e 'SSA' - and instead of standing firm, they failed the test miserably.

    2) In all cases the existence of the attraction is due to the individual's sins, one type or another, so it can/should be overcome with piety.

    But here's an article from NAARTH about some other causes of SSA, indeed they do not include haram looks as a cause at all!


    but as per sidi aH's post, if mere 'feelings' are not sinful, then shouldn't ther be some 'non-sinful' origins for the feelings?

    More intriguingly this article states three causes of 'sinful-looks' themselves:


    any comments?


    “The ‘Trojan Couch’: How the Mental Health Associations Misrepresent Science,” presented by Jeffrey B. Satinover, M.S., M.D.


    I wonder if the surgeon general retracted as AHM did:

    Opposition to Homosexual Behavior May Now Be a Bar to High Office
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    to his credit, this time despite his usual spin, he balanced his act - he didn't seem to pass off the message that openly sinful gays are accepted as imams. he came across as saying that homosexual tendencies and effeminate characteristics are not sinful in themselves, but rather acting upon them is sinful - quite a feat for someone like him

    his spin is still there at an academic citation level as abu Hasan pointed out, but still he wasn't his usual self in his exaggeration

    that prestigious cambridge job must be very precious
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    classic hamza.

    just a few quick notes. the quote is of shaykh ahmed dardir from his sharh al-kabir (on mukhtasar al-khalil - in blue):

    و كره ترتب خصي ومأبون في الفرائض والسنن بحضر لا في تراويح أو سفر أو غير راتب والمراد بالمأبون من يتكسر في كلامه كالنساء أو من يشتهي أن يفعل به الفاحشة ولم يفعل به أو من كان يفعل به وتاب وصارت الألسن تتكلم فيه فلا ينافي ما قدمه المصنف من أن الفاسق بجارحة لا تصح إمامته وإن كان ضعيفا و ترتب أغلف وهو من لم يختتن والراجح كراهة إمامته مطلقا


    upon which dussuqi commented:

    قوله فلا ينافي إلخ أي لأن المنافاة إنما تحصل إذا فسر المأبون بمن يفعل به الفاحشة ولم يتب
    that is if a ma'bun is meant to refer to a homosexual who has not repented from his sin, then his being a leader is nullified.

    dussuqi `ala sharh al-kabir 1/330.

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    Hamza Younis does it again by quoting random opinions to make it our the Ulama had these opinions... Brother Nuh calls this cereal Islam

    Our scholars clearly made these distinctions in the books of Islamic jurisprudence and use the term ma’bun to refer to someone with same-sex tendencies. Imam Dasuqi says that if such a person leads the prayer, his prayer is valid. In fact, the actual text he was commenting on addresses who can or cannot lead the prayer. Quoting Mukhtasir Khalil, Dasuqi writes, “It is discouraged [but not prohibited] for a eunuch (khasi) or homosexual (ma’bun) to be a regular prayer leader.” In his commentary on this, Dasuqi, who died in 1815, explains
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    the donkeys at deenport want to show "support" (link) to this spineless --- for apologizing for stating the Islamic stance 15-20 years ago, and now cowardly declaring disbelief in it in order to save some fancy cambridge uni job!

    may Allah damn these enemies of Islam. tim winters, his 'scholar'-partners in crime, and these juhalaa who support him are greater enemies of Islam than people like geert wilders. may Allah rid the world of this najaasah.
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    http://www.daily mail.co.uk/news/article-2318169/Muslim-Cambridge-University-theology-lecturer-Tim-Winter-says-gay-ultimate-inversion.html#ixzz2SB5WSlRM

    (copy and paste in browser, and join 'daily' and 'mail')

    for some reason copying the link doesn't work. the editor doesn't like the words 'daily' and 'mail' joined as one.


    i wonder if faqir will still say i am 'filled with hatred' for people like this
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