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Discussion in 'General Topics' started by sherkhan, Sep 22, 2020.

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  1. sherkhan

    sherkhan Veteran

    Roman Abramovich, Chelsea FC owner, funding Israeli settlements through Carribean shell companies.

    Those outside UK, who can't access the above link, can view the clip here or here.

    You can't fault a committed jew; but "our" filthy rich sheikhs are busy genuflecting to Israel.
  2. sunni_porter

    sunni_porter Well-Known Member

    Brief clip of a recent George Galloway interview - calls Israel a gangster, terrorist state wanting to keep Arabs and Muslims at each other's throats
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  3. sherkhan

    sherkhan Veteran

    Ottoman empire would have fallen anyway (Palestinian uprising, or not); there were several other forces tearing it down. Is the present plight due to Balfour declaration or due to the uprising against ottoman?
  4. Abul Hasnayn

    Abul Hasnayn

    I intend commissioning a research paper on the Palestinian topic which might not be in sync with the mood of this thread but more in sync with the view of the late Shah Ahmed Noorani Siddiqui being critical of the fact that their grandfathers fought against SULTANAT UTHMANIYAH ultimately leading to this quagmire. These views certainly do not make a person popular and could lead to me being banned from this forum ( or any other forum) which I do not intend but I hope this paper will invigorate fresh insight into this topic.

    I lost a translator so it could take a couple of months finding a suitable candidate.
  5. sunni_porter

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  6. sunni_porter

    sunni_porter Well-Known Member

    I believe these tactics are mentioned by the ex-Israeli soldier in the video linked in post #4 of this thread.
  7. sherkhan

    sherkhan Veteran

    Not sure how many of you have seen this latest Israeli tactics of using mistaravim. Washington Post reporting then same here.
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  8. sunni_porter

    sunni_porter Well-Known Member

  9. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    Even Israel described is at terrorism.
  10. sunni_porter

    sunni_porter Well-Known Member

  11. sunni_porter

    sunni_porter Well-Known Member

    Palestinians, displaced by Israel, settle in caves - "Scores of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank have made homes out of mountain caves on the outskirts of Al-Khalil (Hebron) city, as Israel continues to prevent them from building homes on territories earmarked for Jewish-only settlements."
  12. sunni_porter

    sunni_porter Well-Known Member

  13. sunni_porter

    sunni_porter Well-Known Member

    Muslim scholars speak on resistance - "Islamic Republic of Iran hosted an international conference in support of the Palestinian resistance in Tehran in which over 200 Muslim scholars and intellectuals were attended from 53 countries."

    It would be interesting to see what plans or ideas they came up with to support Palestinian resistance.
  14. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    muslims need to become MP's here in the UK and then act as muslims once they're in.
  15. sunni_porter

    sunni_porter Well-Known Member


    Just some thoughts on what Muslims around the world need to do to help our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

    1. a) Raise awareness of crimes being committed by Israel against the Palestinians - use social media (youtube, twitter, facebook, etc.) to raise this awareness among both Muslims and non-Muslims.

    b) Create are own media outlets (TV, internet) to raise this awareness - to show the Palestinian point of view and hypocrisy of pro-Israeli media

    2. a) It's not enough to raise awareness of the apartheid regime's crimes, however; we also need to boycott Israel in every manner possible - economically, culturally, educational, etc. BDS Movement looks like the best organization out there that is leading the way on this front and we should support them. We need to boycott companies that operate in Israel, manufacture there, give funds, support the IDF by selling them equipment/tools to operate their killing machines, etc.

    b) Not only boycott but raise awareness to the general public of the crimes being committed by these companies in the name of profit; embarrass and shame these companies by rightfully pointing fingers at them and starting campaigns to highlight their support for genocide.

    c) We need organizations to dedicate time and resources to researching and organizing these campaigns. We have organizations like BDS, but I've been wondering lately, what are our ulema, masaajid and dar ul ulooms doing in this regard? Dar ul ulooms in particular - this should become mandatory, that students and teachers are required to set time and resources aside to investigate and research - what companies should we avoid, what products should we avoid, how does the global economy and politics work that allows Israel to get stronger and what we can do to stop it, etc. Ulema should be at the forefront in leading the ummah in the fight against the Zionists.

    3. a) It's not enough to boycott Israel, we need to support and invest in companies that in turn support Palestine or are at least anti-Israel themselves.

    b) In some cases people are left with no choice but to buy products that in one way or another were manufactured in Israel e.g. try buying a smartphone in North America that is not tainted by Israeli research/manufacturing - iPhone, Motorola Nexus, Samsung, Nokia, etc. Therefore we need Muslim entrepreneurs to create companies to compete against these giants and support them by buying their products.

    4. We need to support or create political parties that support Palestine

    5. Give charity to help victims in Palestine

    We would need a long term strategy and would not necessarily see effects immediately, but we need to start somewhere...
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