Ahlus Sunnah Foundation Malawi

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    The Ahlus Sunnah Foundation in Malawi is operated by desi brothers and scholars.


    Ma-sha Allah they have done excellent grassroots level work for Islam and Sunniyat in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world.

    They've built an excellent mosque, actual hifz courses, madrassa, vocational programs, schools with secular and technical education - alongside sound Islamic and Sunni education and in that framework,.

    They also do a lot of charity work and help the local Muslim community in alleviating poverty through teaching trades.

    Their example can certainly be emulated by people in richer nations and people who do sincere good work like this need our full help and support.

    This is what happens when sincere people with good leadership and vision have a desire to help deen and community.

    Recently, Syed Noorani Miyan Ashrafi is visiting there.
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