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    author: faqih e millat mufti jalaluddin ahmad amjadi

    language: urdu

    pages: approx. 260

    words in the title: pahliyaaN means riddles


    this book contains 523 issues of hanafi fiqh that have been asked as questions/riddles/teasers with the answers on the next page. the questions have been separated into different chapters such as 'aqeede ki pahliyaaN, taharat ki pahliyaaN, imamat ki pahliyaaN etc.

    the preface is by 'allama arshad ul qadri raHimahullah which is about 30 pages long. 'allama arshad was the teacher of faqih e millat.

    it is an interesting book for students of fiqh and fiqh enthusiasts.
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