al-mutlaq yajri `ala al-itlaqi

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  1. al-mutlaq yajri `ala al-itlaqi = that which is mutlaq (unconditional) remains upon its unconditionality.

    Reference: al-`Usul al-Shashi of Imam Nidham al-Din al-Shashi

    Also, another `usul that is useful:

    al-khabr al-wahid wa al-qiyas la yukhassis al-aam wa la yuqayid al-mutlaq (a solitary narration and analogy does not specify the general nor does it cause the unconditional to have a condition)


    A 'well-known hadith' is warranted to qualify the 'abslolute' [mutlaq] and prevail the 'general ruling' [aam] of a Qur'anic text. [yajuzu ziyadatu khabri al-mash'huri ala al-nass

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