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  2. Abu Ibraheem

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    Salamun 'Alaykum

    Please Akhi, consider completing this task.
  3. faqir

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    Asalamu alaykum akhi,

    anychance of another installment?
  4. faqir

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    Asalamu alaykum akhi,

    Will you be posting the rest of the book?

    Alternatively, where can I buy it?

    JazakAllah khair.
  5. Baz ul-Lail

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    As-salaam 'alaikum,

    Here to start with, is the Contents of al-Umda. By the way, take it as a given that I have no objection to anyone printing out these segments for their own use (as opposed to any commercial use, since the copyright is owned by Al-Baz Publishing, Inc).

    The Mainstay

    Concerning the Jurisprudence of the Imam of the Sunna,
    Ahmad ibn Hanbal ash-Shaibani
    (may Allah be well pleased with him)

    Imam Muwaffaq ad-Din ‘Abdu’llah ibn Ahmad
    ibn Qudama al-Maqdisi
    (A.H. 541–620)


    Biography of the author, Shaikh al-Islam al-Muwaffaq

    Author’s Introduction

    [The Book of Ritual Purification]

    Chapter : The Legal Rules concerning Types of Water [Ahkam al-Miyah]
    Ch : Vessels, Receptacles, Containers [al-Aniya]
    Ch : Fulfillment of the Need to Answer the Call of Nature [Qada’ al-Haja]
    Ch : The Minor Ritual Ablution [Wudu’]
    Ch : Wiping the Shoes [Mash al-Khuffain]
    Ch : Factors that Annul the Minor Ritual Ablution [Nawaqid al-Wudu’]
    Ch : The Major Ritual Ablution [al-Ghusl mina ’l-Janaba]
    Ch : The Dry Ablution [Tayammum]
    Ch : Menstruation [Haid]
    Ch : Postnatal Effusion [Nifas]

    The Book of the Ritual Prayer [Kitab as-Salat]

    Ch : The Call to Prayer [Adhan]
    and the Announcement that Prayer is About to Begin [Istiqama]
    Ch : The Prerequisites of the Ritual Prayer [Shurut as-Salat]
    Ch : The Proprieties of Walking to the Ritual Prayer [Adab al-Mashy ila ’s-Salat]
    Ch : Description of the Ritual Prayer [Sifat as-Salat]
    Ch : The Basic Essentials of the Ritual Prayer and its Necessary Elements
    [Arkan as-Salat wa Wajibatu-ha]
    Ch : The Two Prostrations for Absent-mindedness [Sajdatai as-Sahw]
    Ch : The Ritual Prayer of Voluntary Worship [Salat at-Tatawwu’]
    Ch : The Times during which the Ritual Prayer is Forbidden
    Ch : The Office of the Prayer Leader [al-Imama]
    Ch : The Ritual Prayer of the Sick [Salat al-Marid]
    Ch : The Ritual Prayer of the Traveler [Salat al-Musafir]
    Ch : The Ritual Prayer in Time of Danger [Salat al-Khawf]
    Ch : The Ritual Prayer of the Friday Congregation [Salat al-Jum’a]
    Ch : The Ritual Prayer of the Two Festivals [Salat al-’Ïdain]

    The Book of the Funeral Rites [Kitab al-Jana’iz]

    The Book of the Alms-due [Kitab az-Zakat]

    Ch : The Alms-due on Grazing Livestock [Zakat as-Sa’ima]
    Ch : The Alms-due on the Produce of the Earth [Zakat al-Kharij min al-Ard]
    Ch : The Alms-due on Precious Metals [Zakat al-Athman]
    Ch : The Rule applied to Debt [Hukm ad-Dain]
    Ch : The Alms-due on Mercantile Commodities [Zakat al-’Urud]
    Ch : The Alms-due at the Breaking of the Ramadan Fast [Zakat al-Fitr]
    Ch : The Delivery of the Alms-due [Ikhraj az-Zakat]
    Ch : Those to whom the Alms-due may be presented
    Ch : Those to whom the Alms-due may not be presented

    The Book of the Fast [Kitab as-Siyam]

    Ch : The Rules applied to Fastbreakers during Ramadan
    [Ahkam al-Muftirin fi Ramadan]
    Ch : Things that spoil the Fast [Ma yufsid as-Sawm]
    Ch : Voluntary Fasting [Siyam at-Tatawwu’]
    Ch : Worshipful Seclusion [al-I’tikaf]

    The Book of the Pilgrimage and the Visitation [Kitab al-Hajj wa ’l-’Umra]

    Ch : The Starting Points [al-Mawaqit]
    Ch : The State of Consecration [al-Ihram]
    Ch : Things Forbidden in the State of Consecration [Mahdurat al-Ihram]
    Ch : The Expiation [al-Fidya]
    Ch : Entering Mecca [Dukhul Makka]
    Ch : Description of the Pilgrimage [Sifat al-Hajj]
    Ch : What is Done after Deconsecration [al-Hill]
    Ch : The Basic Essentials of the Pilgrimage and the Visitation
    [Arkan al-Hajj wa ’l-’Umra]
    Ch : The Sacrificial Offerings called al-Hady and al-Udhiyya
    Ch : The Sacrifice called al-’Aqiqa

    The Book of Commercial Transactions [Kitab al-Buyu’]

    Ch : Usury [Riba]
    Ch : The Sale of the Roots and the Fruits [Bai’ al-Usul wa ’th-Thimar]
    Ch : The Option to Revoke [al-Khiyar]
    Ch : Advance Payment [as-Salam]
    Ch : Lending [al-Qard]
    Ch : The Rules of Debt [Ahkam ad-Dain]
    Ch : Transference and Guaranty [al-Hawala wa ’d-Daman]
    Ch : Pledging or Pawning [ar-Rahn]
    Ch : Reconciliation [as-Sulh]
    Ch : Agency [Wakala / Wikala]
    Ch : Copartnership [Shirka / Sharika]
    Ch : The Watering of Trees for a Share of their Produce [Musaqah]
    and the Cultivation of Land for a Share of its Produce [Muzara’a]
    Ch : The Revival of Uncultivated Land [Ihya’ al-Mawat]
    Ch : Rewarding [Ji’ala / Ja’ala / Ju’ala]
    Ch : The Treasure Trove [al-Luqta]
    Ch : Wagering [as-Sabaq]
    Ch : The Deposit [al-Wadi’a]

    The Book of Hiring and Leasing [Kitab al-Ijara]

    Ch : Misappropriation, Usurpation [Ghasb]
    Ch : The Right of Preemption [Shuf’a]

    The Book of Endowment [Kitab al-Waqf]

    Ch : The Deed of Gift [al-Hiba]
    Ch : The Sick Person’s Donation [‘Atiyat al-Marid]

    The Book of Testamentary Bequests [Kitab al-Wasaya]

    Ch : The Executor [al-Musa ilai-h]

    The Book of the Shares of Inheritance [Kitab al-Fara’id]

    Ch : Preclusion from Inheritance [al-Hajb]
    Ch : The Residuary Heirs [al-’Asabat]
    Ch : Distant Relatives [Dhawu ’l-Arham]
    Ch : The Basic Elements of the Arithmetical Problems [Usul al-Masa’il]
    Ch : Reversion [ar-Radd]
    Ch : Impediments to Inheritance [Mawani’ al-Mirath]
    Ch : Various Problems [Masa’il Shatta]
    Ch : The Relationship of Patronage [al-Wala’]
    Ch : Inheritance through Patronage [al-Mirath bi’l-Wala’]
    Ch : Emancipation [al-’Itq]
    Ch : The Promise of Emancipation on the Owner’s Death [at-Tadbir]
    Ch : The Slave who Purchases his Emancipation [al-Mukatab]
    Ch : The Rules that apply to Ummahat al-Awlad
    [Slave Women who become the Mothers of their Owners’ Children]

    The Book of Marriage [Kitab an-Nikah]

    Ch : Marriage Guardianship [Walayat an-Nikah]
    Ch : Women with whom Marriage is Unlawful [al-Muharramat fi ’n-Nikah]

    The Book of Foster Relationship [Kitab ar-Rida’]

    Ch : Marriage to the Unbelievers [Nikah al-Kuffar]
    Ch : Stipulations attached to Marriage [ash-Shurut fi ’n-Nikah]
    Ch : Defects for which Marriage may be Annulled [al-’Uyub allati yufsakh bi-ha ’n-Nikah]

    The Book of the Bridal Dower [Kitab as-Sadaq]

    Ch : The Proper Treatment of Women [Mu’asharat an-Nisa’]
    Ch : The Apportionment [of the husband’s company among his wives]
    and the Violation of Marital Duties [al-Qasm wa ’n-Nushuz]
    Ch : Divorce at the Instance of the Wife [al-Khul’]

    The Book of Divorce by Repudiation [Kitab at-¡alaq]

    Ch : Explicit Repudiation [Sarih at-¡alaq] and its Indirect Expression [Kinaya]
    Ch : Making Repudiation Dependent on a Precondition [Ta’liq at-¡alaq bi ’sh-Shart]
    Ch : How the Number of Repudiations Varies
    Ch : Restoration of the Marriage [Raj’a or Rij’a]
    Ch : The ‘Idda [Period of Waiting after Widowhood or Repudiation]
    Ch : The Proper Observance of Mourning [al-Ihdad]
    Ch : The Maintenance of Women Observing the ‘Idda [Nafaqat al-Mu’taddat]
    Ch : Establishing the Marriageable Status of Slave Women [Istibra’ al-Ima’]

    The Book of Divorce by Dihar

    The Book of Divorce by Mutual Cursing [Kitab al-Li’an]

    Ch : Tutelage [Hidana]
    Ch : The Maintenance of Close Relatives and Slaves
    [Nafaqat al-Aqarib wa ’l-Mamalik]
    Ch : The Marriage Banquet [al-Walima]

    The Book of Foodstuffs [Kitab al-At’ima]

    Ch : Ritual Slaughter [Dhakah]

    The Book of Hunted Game [Kitab as-Said]

    Ch : The Case of Someone in Dire Need [al-Mudtarr]

    Ch : The Solemn Vow [an-Nadhr]

    The Book of Oaths [Kitab al-Aiman]

    Ch : The Construction of Oaths [Jami’ al-Aiman]
    Ch : Expiation of the Oath [Kaffarat al-Yamin]

    The Book of Serious Crimes [Kitab al-Jinayat]

    Ch : Preconditions of the Incumbency of Retaliation [Qisas] and its Execution.
    Ch : Collaboration in Murder [al-Ishtirak fi ’l-Qatl]
    Ch : Retaliation for Wounds [al-Qawad ‘ala ’l-Juruh]

    The Book of Blood Money Payments [Kitab ad-Diyat]

    Ch : The ‘Aqila and their Liabilities
    Ch : Blood Money Payments for Wounds [Diyat al-Juruh]
    Ch : Head and Face Wounds [Shijaj] etc.
    Ch : The Expiation of Killing [Kaffarat al-Qatl]
    Ch : The Oath taken by Fifty Persons [Qasama]

    The Book of Legal Penalties [Kitab al-Hudud]

    Ch : The Legal Penalty for Sexual Misconduct [Hadd az-Zina]
    Ch : The Legal Penalty for Slander [Hadd al-Qadhf]
    Ch : The Legal Penalty for Drinking Alcoholic Liquor [Hadd al-Muskir]
    Ch : The Legal Penalty for Theft [Hadd as-Sariqa]
    Ch : The Legal Penalty imposed on Brigands [Hadd al-Muharibin]
    Ch : Fighting against Rebel Insurgents [Qital Ahl al-Baghy]
    Ch : The Legal Ruling on the Apostate [Hukm al-Murtadd]

    The Book of the Holy War [Kitab al-Jihad]

    Ch : The Spoils of War [al-Anfal]
    Ch : The Booties of War [al-Ghana’im] and their Distribution
    Ch : The Assurance of Safety [al-Aman]
    Ch : The Tax called the Jizya

    The Book of Judgeship [Kitab al-Qada’]

    Ch : The Nature of the Court Proceedings [Sifat al-Hukm]
    Ch : Concerning the Conflict of Claims [Ta’arud ad-Da’awi]
    Ch : Status of the Judge’s Written Verdict [Hukm Kitab al-Qadi]
    Ch : Partition [Qisma]

    The Book of Testimonies [Kitab ash-Shahadat]

    Ch : Those whose testimony is rejected
    Ch : Secondary testimony concerning the original testimony,
    and the revocation thereof
    Ch : The Oath concerning Claims [al-Yamin fi ’d-Da’awi]
    Ch : Acknowledgment [al-Iqrar]


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