Ali ka pahla number

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    Shah Sahib has given a specific answer to a general question, the question is something else and the answer something else. As you said if this slogan is ok in general then why the need to mention the state? And can one only say/ believe this if he is in a mast state. More deliberate confusion being spread. Sayid Muzaffar Shah Sahib reply to ‘Ali da pehla number, nabeel pls have a listen if you do happen to come across this post:

    new slogans and phrases to further tafzili agenda: categorise superiority into political and wilayat and imply overall afzaliyat is of Maula Ali radiAllahu anh.

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    Irfan Shah sahib said:

    'If someone says dama dam mast qalandar Ali ka pahla number, then there isn't a fatwa because look at the words. The person is mast, in a state of ecstasy and there is no fatwa when someone is in that state.'

    Here, Shah sahib is actually admitting it is wrong to say Ali ka pahla number because if it wasn't, why would he need to say the person is only saying it in masti (ecstasy)? If the slogan was correct, why is it only valid in a state of ecstasy?

    This proves the slogan is wrong.

    I won't talk about masti but what then is the ruling on the one who says it in his senses? Because what is inferred from Shah sahib's words is that there is no fatwa BECAUSE the person is mast but if he weren't, then there would be a fatwa.

    Secondly, those people who were screaming it at that conference weren't mast. They were within their senses.
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