Allamah Khadim: Creation of Pakistan/August 14th

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    During the entire (day of) August 14th, can someone please tell me, because i haven’t heard, and if im wrong, please correct me. Is there anybody, among those who are in power, among those in control of the government, from the highest ranks to the lowest ranks, among those who have access to resources that enable their (unrestrained) power-trips, is there even one person who said, “the meaning (purpose) of Pakistan is La ilaha ila Allah Muhammad Rasool Allah?” Has any one of them raised this particular slogan, mentioning this specific purpose, for the creation of Pakistan? Instead what you see and hear is: “Oh yes, we are having a parade (celebrating). We are waving our flags.” [sarcasm]. Tell me! for what purpose are you having a parade?? Tell me! for what purpose did 1.8 million people become shaheed (in sacrifice) due to Qaid e Azam (announcing the state of pakistan which led to mass migration across the new partition border)?? Tell me!, for what purpose were 70,000 Muslim girls/women taken as captives by hindus and sikhs (during this mass migration)?? Tell me! for what purpose did some (desperate) Muslim fathers slit the throats of their own daughters (rather than hand them over to the sikhs and hindus)?? Tell me! why were some Muslim mothers and daughters (while being hunted by hindus and sikhs) desperate enough to jump into wells and rivers (rather than getting becoming enslaved to kuffar)?? Telll the entire nation! Instead, you turn around and make (absurd) statements like “Pakistan was created so people could have bread.” Yes of course, Qaid e Azam and Allamah Iqbal had trouble finding bread one night, so they woke up the next morning and decided to create Pakistan [sarcasm]. Tell me! Between 1897 until 1947, for what purpose, were countless Ulema and Mashaikh, and scores of common Muslims, executed (by the British)? Yes! [in other words: “this is an undisputed tragic reality”]. Among them are those who, in the prime of their youth, were sent to the brutal British prisons (with such terrible conditions) that eventually even their bones rotted away. Tell the people! about Allamah Fadhl-e-Had Khairabadi, and why he was forced to carry (heavy) crates of dirt (back and forth, while undergoing prison labor). Tell people this!! how (the British) decapitated Allamah Maulana Ahmadullah Shah Madrasi and hung his severed head for public display at the Delhi Chandni Square! For what purpose was this done?? Tell people this! how, as (the British) paraded Bahadur Shah Zafar (last Muslim emperor of greater India) to their fortress (after having arrested him), they severely humiliated and debased him. It was from Bahadur Shah Zafar that the British snatched away the reigns of government. Tell me! that the next morning, who was it that brought to Bahadur shah Zafar, a breakfast tray which contained the severed heads of his own sons and grandsons?? [i.e the British]. What do you (people in government) think? That one night, someone saw a dream, and then the next morning, Pakistan was created? [sarcasm]. Oh you badmash [addressing the government], tell us (if you don’t know the answers to the prior questions), and then let us (who know) sit on the TV channels and teach the world this (reality). And I gaurantee that you will see the whole nation cry (over these tragic realities). And once the nation learns this, then no one will celebrate by removing silencers/mufflers (from their cars and motorbikes in order to create noise). Some of the ignorant folk remove the silencers from their cars in order to show off the loud sounds their vehicles can make. You think that this is the Azadi (freedom) that was fought and sought after? Behind this (freedom) is the blood of 100,000s of people. Thats right. The necks of many elite Awliyaa were cut for this (freedom). The necks of many Ghaziyan e Islam (Islamic Warriors) were cut for this (freedom). Many great Shaykh-ul-hadith were robbed and looted. They (the British) used to place the live bodies of many of our great Ulema on the mouth of their cannons before firing these cannons. The British would ask them (the ulema): “ Do you say La ilaha illa Allah.” And the Ulema would bravely answer “yes we affirm this (proudly).” The British would ask them: “Do you say that its Fardh to do Jihad against the British?” The Ulema would bravely respond “yes, indeed, we do say this.” In the book “Khoon-e-Muslim Arzan,” the author wrote, “as i was on my way to Pakistan for hijrah, already in a state of hunger, thirst, and having already been robbed and looted, i then saw a group of Hindus and Sikhs dancing around a pile/heap (of something). I snuck a little closer and took a peak and saw that the hindus and sikhs were dancing around a heap of severed female breasts (belonging to Muslim women). Can you imagine that!? They were dancing! (So it should be clear that) Pakistan was created on the flowing streams of Muslim blood. Something that I have always suggested is that, every August 14, hang the female dupatta (scarves) on Mall Road for display. And then tell those ignorant folk who ride motorcycles (without silencers) to pass through that road, while also telling them “oh sons…the honor of many women was violated and only then was Pakistan able to be created.” Thereafter, no one will ever have the audacity to repeat their badmashi and/or celebrate by dancing on the 14th of August. Pakistan wasn’t created for the purpose of dancing. 100,000s of Muslims gave many sacrifices.
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