"An evening of remembrance" | Manchester Central Mosque

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    Remembrance Publications presents:

    "An evening of remembrance" based on the "Benefits of dhikr" by Shaykh Faisal Abdur-Razak

    Join us for invocation, inspiration and spiritual guidance with special guests:

    **LIVE from Canada - Shaykh Faisal Abdur-Razak (khalifa of Shaykh Muhammad al-Ya'qoubi)**
    Shaykh Muhammad Yaseen
    Shaykh Wajid Iqbal

    Nasheeds led by Al-Musafirun

    Saturday | 4th May | 5pm | Manchester Central Mosque | 20 Upper Park Road | M14 5RU

    The CD will also be available to purchase

    Join the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/525169717529512/

    In association with Sacred Knowledge and Essential Islam

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