Arabic Qasidah by Taaj us Sharia'h Shaykh ul-Islam Mufti Muhammad Akhtar Rida Khan

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  1. Subhaan Allah may Allah Tabaarak wa Ta'ala preserve him
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    A report regarding Hadrat Taajush Shari'ah's trip to Syria:

    Upon the request of the ‘Ulema, Hudur Tajush Shari’ah recited in his own voice, his Qasida in Arabic, whose first lyrics are: Allah Allah Allah Hu Ma li Rabbun Illa Hu, in a very beautiful and heart-enlightening manner, by which the whole atmosphere was enlightened.

    There was hardly anyone from the ‘Ulema who was not moved by this Qasida and who did not join in reciting it joyfully

    When Hudur Tajush Shari’ah read the last verse: Hadha Akhtaru Adnakum Rabbi Ahsana Mathwa-hu, immediately, Shaykh ‘Abd al-’Aziz al-Khatib al-Hasani stated profoundly: Akhtaru Sayyiduna wabnu Sayyidina – ‘Shaykh Akhtar is our master and the son of our master!’

    I (Muhammad Kalim) narrate from the Khalifa of Huzur Tajush Shari’ah and the author of this account, Hadrat Mufti Thaqib Akhtar al-Qadri who wrote the following in a reply to an email which I had sent asking with regards to the Shaykh’s visit to Syria:

    “Huzur Tajush Shari’ah came on the 22nd of August. As you are well aware, due to the intensity of the heat in the summer months it never rains. Especially in August, the weather is extremely hot. The ‘Ulema of Damascus requested Hudur Tajush Shari’ah to supplicate for rain. Huzur Tajush Shari’ah made a du’a in the gathering (food feast) that was held in honour of the Ulema and Mashaikh of Syria. Immediately, it started to rain the following day – Saturday 23rd August 2008, despite the fact that since 5 years it had never rained due to the extremely hot weather, and for it to rain in summer is even rarer. It rained frequently for 3 days by which the climate had changed. This is what I and the whole of Damascus witnessed and you are its first reporter!”
  3. please post it inshAllah
  4. I already have the one by Qari Rizwan. Would you happen to have it recited by Hadrat Taj us-Shari`yah damat barakatahum ul aalia himself?
  5. I will post it when I have time in sha Allah Ta'ala
  6. I believe there is an audio available of the Kalam by Qari Rizwan
  7. do you have an audio?? i like this qasidah a lot. may Allah bless sayyidi taj us-shariah.
  8. As requested Arabic Qasidah by Taaj us Shariah Mufti Muhammad Ahktar Rida al Qadiri al Azhari

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  9. Could you post this qasidah once more please sidi?

  10. Arabic Qasidah by Taaj us Sharia'h Shaykh ul-Islam Mufti Muhammad Akhtar Rida al Qadiri al Azhari hafizahullahu Ta'ala

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