Auliya Allah alive in their graves?

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    Recently i had a question to me by a brother. However, I had been unsuccessful in answering it. another brother adviced me to approach this web forum for help.

    I shall copy and paste his question below, and wold much appreciate if any brother can shed light on it.


    SalamuAlikum brother,

    well, recently i got struck in terms of collecting a definite evidence. Its about providing an explicit proof from Quran/Hadith or Tafseer that Auliya Allah are alive in their graves.

    Like, the proof that the Prophets and martyrs are alive, is to be found explicitly in hadith and quran, where do we find an EXPLICIT proof that Auliya Allah and Sahabas are alive in their graves.

    I am aware of a particular reference from Sheikh Muhadith Haq Dhalwi (raa) where he cites that Auliya Allah are alive. but i am talking about forwarding this evidence to non-sunnis !!!! so usool of quranic interpretation and the work of Imam Ahmed Raza Khan (raa) are not likely to affect much.

    I have this suggestion, that if we were to look up surah yunus, ayah#62, it reads:
    'Behold! verily on the friends of Allah (Auliya Allah) there is no fear, nor shall they grieve'
    I believe that there is a possibilty that in some particular Tafseer of our Aaim'ma we might have something which says that Auliya Allah are alive in their graves from this Ayah

    looking forward for your reply


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