baaghe jannat / baagh jannat

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    yes, jazakAllah

    i do it in MS word and copy and paste it.

    in word, go to insert, then symbol. select the font times new roman and choose subset basic arabic.

    then click on whatever letter you want to use and press enter. then choose your next letter and press enter. keep doing this until you finish that line. i dont know if there's a better way but i type the whole passage and then separate the words later. eg. i type it all together so it looks like this


    then i copy into here [sunniport] and manually separate the words [using space bar] to make it look like this

    اعلٰحضرت مجدد مأﺓ حاضره<O:p</O:p
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  2. Th pesh under the baagh (btw how do you write Urdu script on here?) is a grammatical structure from Persian grammar called izafat (form: --e-- where the -- represent preceding and succeeding words) and is used to join two words together and means 'of' i.e. the genitive case (donating possession).

    Thus we write baagh-e-jannat which means 'the gardens OF paradise' but because the word 'ke' also also means 'of' we would get two ofs in close proximity which is superfluous. Also it would affect the wazan (meter) of the line.

    Hope it helps.
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    mawlana hasan raza khan barelwi (alaHazrat's younger brother and one of few poets whose poetry alaHazrat used to listen to because alaHazrat said it was according to shari'ah) says:

    baagh jannat ke haiN bahre madHa khaane ahle bayt

    mawlana sa'eed as'ad said there is a pesh under the ghayn باغِ so normally one would read it baagh.e but because of the word ke which follows, it is not read baagh.e but baagh despite the pesh.

    i dont understand. any help?

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