Barelvis are 100% Nasbis - Mufti Zahid Hussain Rizwi

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by chisti-raza, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. chisti-raza

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    if anyone has summed up a reply in a single line (to these people) then this has got to be it.
  2. Muhammad Ali

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  3. Muhammad Ali

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    Brother Owaisi on this video:

    he calls nawasib the most dangerous of all sects even the khawarij and the rawafiz.

    he claims it is an "attitude" and not an actual sect, so has no books of kalaam and fiqh.

    then he claims that he finds 100% of this nasibi attitude amongst the brelvis in this era.

    i have two problems with the above statements.

    1) as he talks about nawasib, he should also discuss tashayyo'. because he describes the nawasib as having no particular books of kalam, fiqh etc.
    he should make the same logical deduction on those who practise tashayyo' and call them just as dangerous.

    2) he has failed to outline what he believes is similar between the brelvis and the nawasib. if he did that, he will have to admit that what the brelvis disagree with is no different than what the ulama have disagreed with in the sunni tradition and sunni books of kalam AND FIQH. thereby, making his objections look contradictory.

    i think those people who previously praised him should take their words back -


    in molana zahid shah's debate with dr tahir ul qadri, molana zahid refutes him by saying "you claim that you are not brelvi, this is wrong. brelvi has now become an identity for the sunnis".


    it is also interesting to see men with guns in the background. some people on the tafzili forum argued against some of our sunni scholars for doing speeches and having armed guards around them. wonder if the double standards will ever end.
  4. Muhammad Ali

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    Why is Abu Fadl always quite when it comes to these videos. He keeps on starting topics of Syed Irfan Shah Sahib, whatever he says about Shah Sahib is personal, their is nothing wrong with his aqeedah like this lot
  5. SA01

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    I tried to watch this.......over an hour and half later, he still hadn't got to the issue at hand, so I switched off!
  6. jasimisbest2

    jasimisbest2 Active Member

    Please dont mind what Zahid Rizwi says...

    He is always blinking his eyes and now his brain also goes to sleep mode sometimes so he cant think straight.

    The Sunni Hanifi Brelivis are the only true lovers of Rasool swas, his Ahle Bait and his Sahabas... we dont hold grudges but love for all...

    These tafdilis are the real nasibis who just cant agree with anyone disagreeing with there twisting thinking...

    These tafdilis are the one attacks, Sahabas and our Elder schols, these tafdilis are the ones who have hidden beliefs not Brelvis. We Hanifi Brelvis are clean with our beliefs and dont twist and make new issues out of our elders saying.

    Also I got a text from a brother saying that Abdul Qadri Jalini Sahib will answer and refute Ume Khulsoom marriage with Hazrat Umar rda, I asked the brother why watse money on something that is confirmed not by one source but 100s... the reply was Abdul Qadri Jalini saab has kept quite for nearly 2 years and now he has decided to refute the schlors against him on this issue thats why they have two day program on DM digital...

    I just asked him what did your hazrat saab do when Shia;s are daily attacking Sahabas and blessed wife of Rasool swas, I have never seen these tafdilis organise a programs to say "we will answer shia;s on Sahabas and wives of Rasool swas"... if they believe marriage of Ume Khalsoom is a lie attributed to Umar rda, then what about all those lies that Shia's have attributed to Ahle Bait???? hasnt Abdul Qadri Jalni Saab ever thought about answering the shiah lies on Ahle Bait!!!!

    This is just another act of Tafdili Schlors to keep there mureed chasing them and funding them thats all!!
  7. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    the video is from 2006, i think.

    what he is saying [1:15 onwards] is: the group that is called nasibi - in our times: 1. almost all barelwis are of that group or 2. only barelwis are of that group.

    so, he could mean a few things:

    1. all nasibis are barelwis [no other group is nasibi]
    2. all barelwis are nasibi [but there are other groups that are nasibi too]

    both meanings are incorrect, regardless which he meant. it seems to me he is saying that nasb is only present in barelwis, no one else, i.e. meaning 1 above.

    if that's the case, tell him to get his maths right. taqreeban taqreeban is not 100%. 100% denotes all and a speaker should make things clear, not be vague like this. he wants to say ONLY barelwis are nasibi and then uses taqreeban taqreeban - make your mind up, rizwi sahib or call a friend: what's the dialling code for walthamstow, again? he really wants to say ALL barelwis are nasibi but then tries to hide it in taqreeban taqreeban.

    if nearly 100% of barelwis are nasibi and this guy is a rizwi; then obviously he is admitting that he is the other kind of rizwi, not the barelwi type.
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  8. kattarsunni

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    What he says is really messed up. Which Barelawi holds hatred for Sayyiduna Ali radiyAllahu anhu? He calls himself Ridwi. He may be talking about himself.
  9. What an irresponsible and silly thing to say! So if 100% of Nasibis are Barelvis then Deobandis who wrote such trash as rashid ibn rashid are not??!

    coming from a tafdili one doesnt know whether to laugh or cry. what is his proof that 100% of nasibis are barelvis? just rhetoric and preaching to his own followers.

    Say, bring your proof if you are truthful.
  10. khalid Hussain

    khalid Hussain New Member

    He doesn't actually say that; he said 100% of nasibis are brelvis. There's a big difference between the two.
  11. Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad Ali Veteran

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