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    Okay I have more information about the Shaykh, as I came to know he is not from south but North India, Bihar and is the Shaikhul Hadith at Darululoom Raza-e-Mustafa, and his name is Maulana Abul Haqqani Mohammed Hussain Siddiqi Qadri Rizvi.

    yes and what you say is true, references are useless until accompanied by proper knowledge.
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    yes, sidi aH, all true. my father told me about gujrat during his time and the deobandis took him everywhere they went. his book, shari'at ya jahalat, i say jahalat.
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    there used to be a village idiot among the vanquished deobandi champions by name palan dahqani - oops - palan haqqani. he wrote a book 'shariat ya jahalat' though scholars doubt his ability to write such a voluminous book. sunni scholars suspect that it was ghost written in palan dahqani's name.

    such doubts are not baseless either: palan was a folk-singer and and entertainer for much of his life until he converted to deobandi beliefs. he had no formal education whatsoever. but began to belt lectures slamming ahlu's sunnah of shirk and bid'ah. standard wahabi fare, coming from an illiterate.

    somewhere from gujrat, he became famous for rabble-rousing lectures, and his hallmark was that he would say: (ayat number, hadith number, line number, page number etc.) people are quite gullible and are taken in with such silly deceptions. zakir naik is his present-day imitator (i don't know whether he does that knowingly; but he comes from the same area maharastra/gujrat)

    an aside: why are people so impressed with quoting of line numbers and verse numbers? pick up zakir naik's videos - he quotes a translation of an aayah and gives line number, verse number: but he cannot recite the ayah? whereas, most scholars can recite the ayah - even if they cannot recall if it is the 116th ayah of an-nahl.

    so this false perception of knowledge by quoting verse/ayah should go. it amounts to nothing - a computer would then be far more knowledgeable than any scholar alive. references are useless until accompanied by proper knowledge. so keep this in mind when someone marvels at zakir naik's (apparent) knowledge.

    now palan dahaqani went too far ahead than his deobandi mentors would have liked it. i think they distanced themselves from him when sunni scholars cornered him. mawlana abu'l Haqqani was a prime mover from our side in this issue. even the nom-de-guerre he adopted is supposed to mean '(palan) Haqqani's father' - and he refuted palan everywhere he went.

    it is said, that palan would make a speech and mawlana abu'l Haqqani would refute him the next day (next week, whatever) in the same place. palan dahaqani disappeared completely and his family distanced from him and his ideas in a published writ as some have reported.

    his pathetic book 'shariat ya jahalat' also disappeared with him.

    ----- tauba nama.htm

    caveat emptor: the only things i can attest to personally, is that the book 'shariat ya jahalat' is an awful hotch-potch and belongs to the 'utterly burnable' category. that palan dahqani was refuted roundly (i have heard this personally from scholars who were involved in debates/speeches refuting him) until he has completely disappeared from the radar. the rest is what i have heard from people reliable and unreliable among them.

    Allah ta'ala knows best.
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    The Shaykh is from one of the <STRIKE>coastal states of India</STRIKE>,<strike> I want to say kerala but I am not 100% sure</strike>, I failed to gather more information on the Shaykh or get his biography, I will ask some of the scholars of Hyderabad about him and will let you know if I hear back.

    The folk who invited him to Hyderabad, whom he refers to in the speech are very well known to me, but I am too far away and out of touch :(

    was salam
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    Assalam u Alaikum

    Could you please give us some biographical information about the Shaykh such as where they (he) are from, teachers etc.

    JazakAllah for providing us with this lecture

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    Lecture in Urdu


    Sheikh Mawlana Abul Haqqani Mohammed Hussain Siddiqi Qadri Rizvi
    Sheikhul Hadith ; Darul Uloom Raza-e-Mustafa Bihar


    Click below to listen
    Part1 :: Part2 :: Part3 :: Part4 :: Part5 :: Part6

    This lecture was delivered on the 27th night of Ramadan. The Maulana, an ardent admirer of ala-Hazrat, covers various topics for the benefit of the people. The Maulana is known for his photographic memory and style of referencing, he has committed the major collections of ahadith by heart, and whenever he refers to any quotation he quotes the name of the book, the paragraph and even the line numbers explicitly , subhanallah!
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