Best /favourite qaris of today?

Discussion in 'Ulum al-Qur'an' started by Yasser Rashid, May 1, 2014.

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  1. muhammadiyya

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    Muhammidiyya's account closed?

    as-salam alaikum,

    why has my 'muhammadiyya' account been closed? I've contacted owners of this site but still after approx 2 weeks no reply? Have I done something unwittingly that disabled things?
  2. Afasy is horrible? That is extremely disrespectful. I would love to hear you read surah fatiha properly.

    He has ijaaza in the 7 qira'at. The guy is a tajweed machine and his voice and more importantly his pronounciation of the makharijul huroof is better then anyone from the subcontinent. can't even compare!!

    Jibril is another tajweed master. And he is also an extremely humble and ascetic person. One of my tajweed teachers who is also an egyptian, happened to be a good family friend of Sh. Muhammed Jebril.
  3. If you want qira`at, see Qari Saad Sultani. He is a proper Sunni Sahihul Aqida qari and is a very good qari.
  4. Wadood

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    Afasy is horrible and so is Jibril. I listened to Jibril's brother as well. He too is horrible.

    Though I agree with the arabs taking hands down, but they are the local ones.
  5. When it comes to Qurra, the arabs take it hands down.

    The best quraa to pray behind are Mishari Rashed Al Afasy and Muhammed Jibril. Also the recitation of Surah Qiyamah by Mishari Rashed's student, Qari Fahd al Kandari is ABSOLUTELY Breath taking. The clip is on youtube.

    From the classics definitely Abdul Basit Abdul Samad was the greatest!
  6. Ibn Amin

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    qari amir khan (currently residing in oslo), former recitation-correctionist of qari sadaqat ali, is among the greatest qurra
  7. maulanax

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    shaikh sudais and shaikh mahir al muiqaly
  8. 1) qari syed sadaqat ali
    2) qari saad sultani
    3) qari abdal basit abdas samad
    4) qari karamat ali naeemi
  9. yes i always wondered why an egyptian qari would be surnamed al-ajami but imagine it was because his ancestors must have come from iran and hence the name. i am only thinking out aloud here.

    who is qari gibril? and clips of him?
  10. Harisa

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    Qari Gibril !
  11. Aqdas

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    an arabi ajami!
  12. Who is your favourite qari of those alive today?

    I like Qari Sadaqat Ali and, from the Arabs, Ahmad al Ajami. He made me cry once with beauty/emotion of his recitation. It was in a Ramadan a few years ago. I had a tape of him and was playing it and during his recitation he began to sob and weep--it made me weep too!

    Qari Sadaqat I've heard live many times now. Great breath control.
    Which other qaris are out there worth listening to?
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