beware Ubqari sufi / Tasbeeh Khaanah

Discussion in 'Refutation' started by Noori, Sep 23, 2015.

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    i came across to ubqari website (it should be abqari actually), hakim tariq mahmud majzubi chughtai is the editor of this magazine and also runs sufi gatherings under the title of 'tasbeeh khanah'. apparently he is a salafi with inlcination to sufis, he has written several books to prove that ahl hadith are sufis, see this list of books on the website. however, i found a debate on salfi muhadith forum where some member from ubqari team posted the links to those books about ahl hadith and tasawwuf, other forum members have refuted him and doubted that they are deobandis, and they just published those books to get their influence among ahl hadith people. it doesn't seem far fetched because ubqari people are also running kunuz-e-dil blogpost where they have books from salafis and deobandis both. his visitors from ulama mainly include salafis and deobandis including hafiz saeed salafi and tariq jamil deobandi.

    regardless whether they are salafi or deobandi, sunnis should not be fooled because of their sufi disguise

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