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  1. Asrar Rashid

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    Imam Ajurri also has other beneficial works like alShari'ah.

    The style is similar to what Imam Khatib Baghdadi does in alJami' Li Akhlaq alRawi wa Adabi alSami', in that he gives the long asanid. This is beneficial for anyone with ishtighal with hadith who may read Taqrib alTahdhib as they read the Kutib Sitta as what happens by doing that is that a person develops a malaka in knowing asma alrijal and becomes familiar with ruwat. Especially if they read Siyar A'lam alNubala alongside for interesting stories regarding ruwat like Said Bin Jubayr, for instance, and works like Hilyat alAwliya.

    Recently someone published Imam Khatib's Jami' without asanid.

    The Damascus edition of Akhlaq alU'lama has taliq with biographies of all ruwat, U'lama and Sahabah.

    The book is essential reading for all tulab and advanced tulab. Even though Imam Ajurri may discuss the virtues of the U'lama at the beginning he also mentions the evil U'lama at the end. The book also warns against the bad manners that an A'lim must not adopt.

    Such books must be read during the formative years, during the Darse Nizami course. Unfortunately many students just read their course books and even those books partially as they do not complete books because of yearly exams. They read parts of Usul alShahshi, then parts of Nur alAnwar, and then move on to another work like Husami, which doesn't really give malaka in usul. Then they do not read books like Akhlaq alU'lama. In fact many may never have heard of the book. During study years a student has many years to read through at least two hundred essential reading books. This can easily be achieved if they didn't use smart phones...
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    I read the introduction/ first chapter.
    Imam Ajurri beautifully talks about the status of the scholars and their rank amongst the ummah. He then quotes several verses of the Qur’an highlighting the rank of the ulama.
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    by imam al-aajurriy

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