Book: Nasihatu Ahlil Islam

Discussion in 'Bibliophile's Corner' started by Juwayni, Nov 7, 2018.

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  1. Juwayni

    Juwayni Veteran

    As Salāmu ʿAlaykum,

    It's been 4 years and I've not heard of a release. Before a publisher chooses to translate this book, does anyone have an idea where we can find the English translation? Sometimes it's easier to proofread an existing translation than to translate afresh. Sometimes the reverse is true.

    Please advise.

  2. kattarsunni

    kattarsunni Veteran

    This book should be sent to Ulama around the world. Many Ulama in the Arab world have not even heard of this book. It should be translated and read out to the public. It consists of advice from the Quran and ahadith with commentary. It has been translated to English and should be out soon.

    It would be good if it was translated into Urdu.
  3. kattarsunni

    kattarsunni Veteran

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