Book Recommendation: The Islamist by Ed Hussain (essential reading)

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  1. Essential Reading: "The Islamist" by Ed Hussain

    Subtitled, "Why I joined radical Islam in Britain, what I saw inside and why I left" it is the personal account of one young British Asian Muslim (of Indo-Bengali heritage)'s journey from the traditional, gentle, Sufi spiritual Islam of his parents to radicalist Islamism of the Wahabis in various guises from the Jamat e Islami, Muslim Youth Organisation and then to Hizb ut Tahrir and then his gradual realisation of the emptiness and danger of such extremists and his eventual return to the spiritual Islam of his parents represented by Sufism. It is an insider's account of how Islamist extremism--and particularly Jamat e Islami and HT function on an operational and ideological level amongst Britain's Muslim youth. It is a devastating expose and reveals the full danger of Wahabism and its direct links to terrorism. The importance of this book cannot be overestimated.The author is a well read practising Muslim who is able to criticise the deviances of HT and other Islamist groups on many levels including the doctrinal and political.

    I highly recommend it to all. His conclusion that Islamism is a threat not only to Islam but to British society and the world is hard to fault.

    Since the book's launch last week the author has been called all sorts of names by these same islamists especially HT who are incensed at having been exposed by one who was formerly one of their own! In the book Hussain credits Hamza Yusuf, TJ Winter, Shaykh Nuh and the Habaib for his conversion back to Sunni Islam and also Naqshbandis of Turkey and Sidi Abdul Naim Wali as well as the books of Mawlana Rumi.

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