books of mufti ahmad yaar khan na'eemi

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    Re: you are my comfort

    Oh, yes! Jazak Allah for correction.
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    Re: you are my comfort

    Khazayin al-Irfan is the Hashiyah of mawlana nayimuddin muradabadi, his teacher.

    Nur al-Irfan is the name of the Hashiyah written by mawlana mufti ahmed yar khan. i recall it fondly because it was the first tafsir i read and our teacher would ask us to read from it aloud before elucidating further. it's language is very simple and it is highly recommended for beginners, though anyone can benefit immensely from it.

    other books of mufti ahmed yar khan are:
    'shan e Habibu'r raHman min ayati'l qur'an' - which is again a beautiful book about the Prophet sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam. it is a synthesis and a simplified version of qaDi iyad's shifa and imam suyuTi's khasayisu'l kubra

    'anwaru'l qur'an'

    'saltanat e mustafa'

    'ilmu'l qur'an' which is an introduction to qur'anic science for everyone; written on the lines of imam suyuti's 'al-itqan fi ulumi'l qur'an'

    'char zaruri islami istilaheN' in which he refuted a few of mawdudi's strange ideas on islamic concepts

    'shadi ki ghalat rasm o riwaj'

    some of his booklets were printed together under the title: 'rasayil e nayimiyyah'

    unfortunately, i don't have any of them with me here or else i would have written a short review of every one of them. all written above is from memory. but his major work remains 'jaa al-Haq' which is a masterpiece of heresiology and defence of ahlu's sunnah. the outstanding feature remains the copious references and the objective style which unfortunately is lacking in our times.

    may Allah ta'ala give us the barakah of mufti ahmed yar khan raHimahullah wa raDiya `anhu aameen.
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    Re: you are my comfort

    Mufti Sahib bestowed many a favour upon the Ahlus Sunnah through his books and his teaching at various madaris. Anyway, some of his other lines:

    Qabr meiN sarkaar (sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam) aaein to maiN qadmoN meiN girooN
    Gar farishte bhi uthaeiN to maiN unse yooN kahooN

    Ab tu paae naaz se maiN ae farishto kyooN uthooN
    Mar ke pahoncha hooN yahaN is dil ruba ke waaste

    His books that I know of:

    Jaa al-Haq wa zahaqal batil known as Jaa al-Haq (2 vols). Discussing the major Sunni beliefs with unparalelled beauty.

    Mir'aat Sharh Mishkat (8 vols).

    Tafsir-e-Na'imi which he left unfinished. I think he did 11 paras (out of 30) and his son added about 4 more before he too demised.

    Hashiya Kanzul Imaan which he named Khazain al-Irfan.

    Imdad-e-Khuda ba waseela e awliya (or something similar to this).

    And many other great works.

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