Celebrating Uroos of Awliya Allah

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    The Ziyarah (visiting) of the Mazaar of the Awliya is permissible for both men and women as mentioned in Durr-e-Mukhtaar. But if there is a danger of Fitna and immorality from women visiting, then they must be stopped because in Sharee’ah stopping Fitna supersedes permissibility.

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    Siraj al 'Arawif fi al Wisaya wa al Ma'arif

    by Shaykh Abu al Husain al Husaini al Barakati al Merehrawi :ra:


    To observe and celebrate the Giyaarwi Shareef of Sultaanul Awliya, Sayyiduna Sheikh Abdul Qaadir Jilaani t is a great method of reaping Barakah in one’s wealth and Awlaad and fulfilling one’s spiritual desires. The main day to observe this is the day of his Wisaal, that is, 11 Rabbi-us-Thaani. The Sharee’ah does not forbid this and it is clearly proven from the practices of the great Mashaa’ikh and Sufis of Islam. The important condition attached to this practice is that there must be no unlawful acts such as singing, dancing and reading fabricated Riwayaat (narration). The occasion should consist of Tilaawat Quraan, Zikr, Salawaat, and narration’s of the pure life and Karamat of the great Ghous. Such gatherings and Majlis are the very essence of Imaan for the Mureeds of the Qaadiri Tareeqah. May Almighty Allah I grant us the power to continue such Majlis and gatherings.

    The celebrations of the Urs Shareef of great Mashaa’ikh such as Sheikhul Mashaa’ikh, Khaja Shahaabudeen Sohrawardi t, Sultaanul Hind, Ata-e-Rasool, Khaja Ghareeb Nawaaz Mo’eenudeen Chishti t, Sultaanul Aarifeen, Khaja Baha’udeen Naqshaband t and others are indeed virtuous acts and a source of spiritual guidance. This advice is ample for those who understand.

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    :madina: Ya RasulAllah :sas:

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