Christian Missionaries Taking Advantage of Syrian Women

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by samir_shaikh, Jul 26, 2013.

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  1. samir_shaikh

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    Is there a way we can help the muslims there?
  2. AbdalQadir

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    pure crap!

    when he says Sunni Muslims are having dreams of Jesus, that's when you know the video is a phoney and so are the half-wits shooting it. they probably did call some people to have chicken and rice near a church or something, but this whole 'Jesus' love has come to you' (from the christian pov) and 'they're all ready to convert' spiel is way too over the top and typical of american wartime propaganda

    one thing you should never trust at any time, much less at times of wars - american tv! there's hardly any difference between their news stories, and sitcoms, and hollywood flicks!


    on another note, the so-called Hashemite royal family is a laughing stock not just among sensible Muslims, but even among the indulgent Arab royalty... and Allah alone knows how real or phoney Hashemites they are, but yes their ruling family pretty much says 'how high' when 'murrica asks them to jump. their own people laugh at the nut-bar they got for a king, who can't even speak Arabic properly. notwithstanding the fact that they are christians and jews at heart, both father and son having married jewish/christian women who were supposedly converts! this whole family has been known in the Arab world to be a 'murrican asset since the 1970's and 80's!

    and these clowns are the ones who also run the common word show and many other brown nosing initiatives for the christian church, of which pop star shuyukh like keller, ali jifry, o-mar bin hafiz et al are front row members and also some of their closest aides. i'm sure this jolly bunch will sing ma sha Allah praises of this initiative by these brothers of theirs

    it's hardly surprising that they let christian missionaries in their land to propagate christianity. however it seems more like the 'murrican asset royalty of jordan helping their puppet masters in their propaganda work to record a few good exaggerated PR flicks, more than a case of 'Syrian women leaving Islam for christianity in droves'; but then again, considering the times .....
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