Company of bid'atis such as Shi'a of any sect

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    Siraj al 'Awarif fi al Wisaya al Ma'arif

    by Shaykh Abu al Husain al Husaini al Qadiri al Barakati al Merehrawi :ra:


    Avoid the company and family relations with Bid’atees (innovators). Their association breeds destruction, which will certainly manifest in your future generations. This has been proven several times in the past. Besides this, there are many reasons that hinder one’s Nikah and at times it nullifies the Nikah, such as Nikah with the Khariji, Rafdi, Wahabi and atheist. It is also not advisable to marry with the Shia’ and Tafdili. Tafdilis practice Rifd (رفض), which is heresy, and this is Kufr. May Allah I keep us under His Divine protection. If one does not obey this command of the Sharee’ah, then one will suffer in this world and taste the Anger and Wrath of the Powerful Allah Y in the Akhirah. I have relayed the message.

    [end of translation.]

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