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  1. That is because Muslims before were dominated by what Allah loves, now they are dominated by what they love.
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    The next Ramadan is almost coming...
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    Any updates?
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    There are already online facillities where a dars-e-nizami program is taught.
    If the one that is going to start, is like that, then it is not much different.
    What makes cordoba/seekershub attractive is that they teach relatively short courses based on
    classical texts. For some they even give ijazah (like for Araba'een Nawawi, Shamaail at-Tirmidhi,
    Usul-Hadith texts of Imam ibn Hajr and Imam Suyuti etc.).
    The key for their succes is this in short:
    A modular structure in which classical texts are taught and for which they give students ijazahs.
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    RT is retweet for twitter its like a share on facebook

    I totally agree with everything youve said.

    There's too much love lost between sunnis and that too for silly reasons and because of this we're not getting anywhere to be honest
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    sorry what's "RT"

    that can only be because the shaykhs involved would be running cults centered around themselves. if a shaykh is selfless and does proper tarbiyah of his mureeds, one of the very basic things he will teach is the vast expanse of Sunniyat and that Sunnis (who are identified by their 3aqidah) should help and promote each other and increase mutual love between each other. of course for advanced tasawwuf practices and adhkar, one might be restricted to his own tareeqa but that's not what most mureeds in these times are. most are average, common people who need to get their 3aqidah and basic fiqh (& religious practice) right, and some supplementary awrad, along with some gatherings to keep Sunniyat and its blessings alive, like Mawlid and other special days. other than the tareeqa-specific basic/advanced awrad, the rest of these can be shared across tareeqas.
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    I do not think thats the issue.

    Its more I will go to classes by someone from my own tareeqah than someone who actually has more knowledge

    We're disjointed

    Even with events - what Ive noticed is people will only promote an event that either they've organized or someone a senior mureed or their own tareeqah is involved

    Its really a sad state.

    Whats it take to RT or share an event that you know is 110% sunni - not a lot
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    it could be lack of trust, the reason behind why Sunnis do not support each other in these endeavours. The other reason i can think of, and you might disagree, is making a profit, or means of livelihood out of online teaching.

    cordoba and faraz rabbani seekershub are for their livelihood
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    Isn't organisation a Sunni site?

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    In sha Allah soon.

    After Ramadhan we are looking to launch online courses.

    Issue is we sunnis dont support each other unfortunately and it soon becomes an uphill battle
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    Are there any Sunni alternatives to cordoba/seekershub???
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    Sidi AbdalQadir pointed out the money mongering of deobandi wahhabis like ibn adam. Is it surprising that daniel of cordoba academy is doing the same?

    And then the non-sunni website called 'marifah' is promoting cordoba academy???

    'alaHazrat said shun the insulters of the Prophet salAllahu 'alaihi wa alihi wa sallam. Shun the friends of the insulters of Habeeb SalAllahu 'alaihi wa alihi wa sallam as well. In the Preamble to Faith, translated by Abu Hasan al-Hindi, 'AlaHazrat clearly says shun, shun, shun those who befriend the insulters of the Prophet salAllahu 'alaihi wa alihi wa sallam. We Sunnis are not to befriend such people. Promoting them is even worse.
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    If you look at their forums, you will find crook deobandi pirs being promoted. The following is a site being promoted by attablig, who respects tahir gayavi, and calls daniel of cordoba academy shaykh. Look at how shameless they are. They have good designs for the Muslims of India, even those who live in remote areas such as the forests of Himachal Pradesh, where I am sure they are targeting the Gujjar Muslims.

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    On cordoba academy forums, they are praising all the filthy wahhabis of modern day india

    taqi usmani
    tahir gyavi (whose youtube videos showing his filth were posted on Sunniport recently)

    la hawla wala quwwata illa bilAllah

    and cordoba academy is promoting itself as 'sunni'???????
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    The head 'daniel' got 2 asanid in hadith from deobandi wahhabis. The first is from a deobandi wahhabi 'ahmed khanpuri' from the deobandi seminary Dhabel, Gujarat, India. The second is from 'hasan tai' in Walsall . hasan tai is student of gustakh husain ahmad tandvi
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  18. Wadood

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    The head 'daniel' has also studied under dirty, filthy wahhabis called deobandis
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    There is an online academy on the net called cordoba academy. If you go to the links section, you will find these wahhabi sites being promoted

    The head of cordoba academy is himself educated by wahhabis from raiwind, Punjab, Pakistan.

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